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vifm v0.8.1a This is a bugfix release to primarily address messed up single-executable builds for Windows. Tab completion doesn't work there and can cause crashes. Also 64-bit build somehow contains 32-bit executables. Thanks to Reva Revadigar for reporting the issue. On the bright side, this gives a chance for fixing bugs discovered after the release. There was enough time to add some functional changes, which also made it into this release: - Added <kbd>c</kbd> key to menus that inserts parts of menu line into command-line (thanks to filterfalse). - Added <kbd>{</kbd> and <kbd>}</kbd> keys to normal and visual modes. They act similar to <kbd>(</kbd> and <kbd>)</kbd>, but always consider whether entry is a file or directory (thanks to octos). - Added `--disable-build-timestamp` option to configure script to perform reproducible build (thanks to Hendrik Jaeger, a.k.a. henk). - Apply local filter on picking element of `:history filter` menu. - Handle register specified for <kbd>gs</kbd> normal mode command. Select files listed in that register (thanks to filterfalse). - Be consistent with regard to when local state is changed and do not reset neither local options nor local filter on entering/leaving custom view (thanks to filterfalse). - Disallow adding duplicated filetype/fileviewer entries (just ignore them as they wouldn't be used due to order priority anyway). Other notable fixes: - Fixed storing filetypes in vifminfo, which could create duplicates (thanks to aleksejrs). - Fixed `--with-dyn-x11` configuration option, which failed to enable dynamic use of the library (thanks to Badalisc and Hendrik Jaeger, a.k.a. henk). - Fixed using plugin in neovim, which has broken `system()` and `:!` commands (thanks to Artur Shaik, a.k.a. artur-shaik). See change log for the full list of changes and by whom they were suggested. More details at http://vifm.info/news/2016-02-10.shtml
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