simple 3D vehicle simulator done in GameMaker. IT is as much as possible bug-free, and it works well. Camera control and vehicle control are implemented with great care. This program serves as a reference material and reliable example for 2 tasks in 3D videogames:
*hilly terrain as basis of game's environment
*vehicles realistically drivable on hilly terrain.

The package contains the Windows (XP or campatible) executable, and the folder with the Game Maker project. Hope it will be useful for some. This project actually houses 2 zip packages...1 is a full-blown driving simulator, called Tractor Nerd 3D, and a sample program which implements a simple game in which the player controls a hero which can walk on a hilly terrain, where this terrain is defined throught a hightmap read froam an external bitmap image file and another bitmap which, according to some conventions,defines which texture is to be put at which little 'square' of the terrain, and a folder contraining the textures


  • written in Game Maker to provide a vehicle simulation examle also for Game Maker users
  • simple but complete 3D vehicle simulation implemented well
  • vehilcle simulaiton is based here on a singel rigid-body's simulation with appropriate forces applied to it at each timestep. So it is simple but good for simulators anyway intended as 'games' with some tollerance on realism limitaitons.
  • possibility to make jumps is an excellent free-roaming game feature: the main purpose of this little program is to provide an example of this in Game Maker.
  • Finally not C/C++ simulator! Although the procedure to do the motion of the rigid body (representing the vehicle in this game), was taken from Freedom3D _GL which I wrote in C++, this is Game Maker, isn't that good?

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BSD License

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