TrueType fonts editor. Allows for editing vector-based glyphs

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  • Sondermüll, nur welche Tonne?

  • seems like it works, but the only reason i wanted to use this was to modify logic symbols in consolas to be monospaced. unfortunately, logic symbols are not listed when i open consolas.ttf. i'm assuming this is an easy fix, consider this a notice

  • I finally found a decent replacement for the now defunct "Font Forge" project. ("Source Code ONLY" projects -- that assume all end users are proficient in compiling binaries for themselves -- are less than useless to me.) This project works quite well on a Mac Pro with Mac OS X 10.9.1 under Java 7U51 and I am delighted to be able to pursue typography as a hobby IF I can get my head around it! GREAT Work! Thank You!

  • It works ok on 32bit, however on 64 bit system, you need to modify the run.cmd file :: Check Windows Version if exist "%WINDIR%\SysWOW64\%JAVA_EXE%" ( :: Vista 64 set JAVA_CMD="%WINDIR%\SysWOW64\JAVAW.EXE" ) else ( :: Anything else set JAVA_CMD="JAVAW.EXE" ) then replace java.exe by %JAVA_CMD%

  • I logged in specifically to say thank you. Huge thank you. I needed to change metadata of the font (name, family, subfamily etc) and after spending about 5-6 hours instaling dozens of uselless font managers (all of them falselly promissing me to change font name while actually changing only the FILENAME) - this tiny, nifty little tool solved everything in less than a minute. Seems to be the only free utility on the net which allows this (with the exception of full editors such as Fontforge and Birdfont but to install them for this purpose is kind of shooting a mosquito from an RPG :) So anyway, thank you again and please do not abandon this soft (ah it looks abandoned sad to say..)

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