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  • many years ago unix questions where answered with some aggressive status as for "read the manual", or "/study the subject". Linux and open source have evolved a lot by taking care of the average Joe, understanding, and giving what he needs. there were even step by step instructions. good projects as this one have very good people at it, technically, who could reproduce the install following their own instructions, just to see how many difficulties any newcomer meets. for them it would then surely be easy to edit them right. the average Joe would thank you. a bridge, no matter how beautiful it is, need to take care of the access.

  • This piece of software has two install methods. One is experimental and the other is not supported anymore. I tried both methods on OSX Mountain Lion and Ubuntu, but couldn't get it to work. I wasted two hours on this.

  • It installs well (eventually) and probably does more than it claims but the instructions could use a few ux improvements. Some things aren't made very clear and can make installation a bit frustrating.

  • How about a send for approval to the "client" so they can verify the hours. so that means 1 button for the user <send to client> and 1 button for the client login <approve time> and the ability to assign the user to a client or a client to a user (which ever). (admin task) one more thing if its not too much, allow the option to use the drupal login users table so that we can use single sign on.

  • I was excited about this. The GUI can use some help, but it's not a big deal for me since I can tweak it myself. I think it is a good start. Some issues I came across that are worth mentioning IMO. As the user, 1. I have to find all the places where I need to replace words, such as the _ _abc_ _. Not all are documented. 2. SQL insert statement for the pre-install is missing required value (the target table requires it) 3. Some missing fields, like the "State" in the client creation. 4. Unless your server handles these files, all INC files are exposed to the browser as plain text. Maybe I missed something, but I can easily see the database username and password. Because of these, I'm hesitant to give it a full thumbs up. However, I feel that this project definitely has great potential.

  • Looks okay, but daily timesheet doesn't work properly. client and the projects are not visible for some users. anyone had the same situation ?

  • Poor UI, broken installer, passwords limited to 25 characters (but not mentioned anywhere). Study, emulate their elegant UI and this could be a real winner.

  • Best

  • This does everything we want: Tracks contract hours and project work for each user against clients, projects and tasks. It also tracks holidays and overtime and even links to our LDAP authentication server for login.

  • I've tried several timesheet solutions, this one is by far the best.

  • We've started it, so far it's doing exactly what we need with no issues

  • Does exactly what it says on the tin!


  • using it every day