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We are trying to consolidate our efforts:
- we are working on a new release, but don't hold your breath.
- we are reducing the website maintenance, by moving the wiki and bug tracker to sourceforge.

Posted by tommo 2012-02-24

Version 1.5.2 released 8/20/2010

I'd managed to mess up the None access level for version 1.5.1, and allowed everyone access to those menu items. Version 1.5.2 fixes that problem.

Posted by Scott Miller 2010-08-20

Version 1.5.1 released on 8/18/2010

v1.5.1 was released on 8/18/2010. Changes include fixing a timezone issues with PHP 5.3+; working excel export migrated to several other reports; time display under windows didn't support strftime's %T format, so these were replaced with "%H:%M:%S; added a "favicon" - to see it, a line must be added to the html header configuration item; the default configuration items have been updated; and several other small fixes.

Posted by Scott Miller 2010-08-18

Version 1.5.1 is nearing release

Version 1.5.1 is currently available via check out from the head of SVN. We anticipate it's release within a few days.

Posted by Scott Miller 2010-08-09

Version 1.5.0 released: June 3rd, 2010

Version 1.5.0 was released June 3rd, 2010

A security issue was made public at the end of July in which is was relatively easy to gain administrative access to all versions of the Timesheet systems previous to version 1.5.0. (ie. the problem was fixed in version 1.5.0)

Posted by Scott Miller 2010-08-09

Timesheet Next Gen 1.3.1 Released

We are pleased to announce that at long last Timesheet Next Gen 1.3.1 is ready for download. Whilst a large amount of time and effort has gone into this release, it should still be considered alpha, so not everything may work as expected. We could really use your help getting the 1.3 branch stable, so please download, test and report any bugs.

A massive thanks to Tommo for the huge amount of work he has put in, much appreciated!... read more

Posted by Rob Searles 2009-01-16

Timesheet Next Gen has a new home

Timesheet Next Gen has a brand new home on the web:

Whilst it is a bit bare at the moment, we are confident that over the next few days and weeks, we'll be uploading new content to help you get the most, both out of using Timesheet Next Gen, but also developing Timesheet Next Gen.

Pop by our new home, and say hi

Posted by Rob Searles 2008-12-14

Experimental web based install now in SVN

I have just committed a very basic web based installer which should be considered experimental. It is based in r33 of the trunk and I have not tried to fix any bugs within the trunk, but rather concentrate on the installer

I have created a new branch in the SVN repository, which you can find at

It tries to detect if Timesheet NG is installed, if not, takes user to the installer. If Timesheet NG is installed, but of a lower version, it takes user to an (as yet non-working) upgrade page.... read more

Posted by Rob Searles 2008-12-14

Minor updates to legacy code, and new development started

Minor updates were committed to SVN for the legacy support release (known as 1.3.x but can be seen under the main trunk of SVN). Also, development for the new version has been started, tinkering with the legacy code to make it compatible with PHP 5. Can be seen in SVN under branches/1.5.x

Read more on the blog: http://timesheet.ibrow.com/blog/?p=5


Posted by Rob Searles 2008-02-05

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