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TANGO source code release version 9.2.5a - README (01/2017) ========================================================== TABLE OF CONTENTS ----------------- 1 - Introduction 2 - What's inside 3 - Prerequisites 4 - Installing 5 - Compiling 6 - Running 7 - Updating from previous Tango releases 8 - Documentation 9 - Remarks 10 - Questions 11 - URL 12 - Changes 1 - INTRODUCTION ---------------- This is the README for the TANGO source code release. TANGO is a toolkit for building object oriented control systems based on CORBA ans ZMQ. TANGO is a joint effort of the several European research institutes. This source code release is based on the latest version of TANGO 9 (9.2.5a) and is intended for Unix platforms. A binary version for Windows of TANGO is available. The source code contained in this package runs on Windows but the Makefile don't. Tango 9 and above is compliant to the 64 bit architecture. This package is foreseen (and was tested) to run with omniORB4.2.1 even if it works as well with omniORB 4.1.6, 4.1.7 and 4.2.0, zmq 4.0.5 and Java 1.7 The default Pogo application in this package can generate source code for C++, Python and Java device servers. The database server delivered with this package do not force the database user to be root. You have to use the my.cnf configuration files or the MYSQL_USER and MYSQL_PASSWORD environment variables to specify the database account to be used by the database server. The TangoTest device server delivered with this package is an example implementation of all possible Tango data types. The displayed data is animated what creates some CPU load when running the server. Starting an atkpanel (generic Tango client) on a device of this server is CPU and memory consuming, because all possible data are read and displayed. In the case of upgrading an alreay running Tango system, please follow the instructions in the chapter UPGRADING FROM PREVIOUS TANGO RELEASES. 2 - WHAT'S INSIDE ----------------- This source code release contains : (1) Tango C++ library source files and java library and application jar files (2) The Tango database device server source files and the database configuration files (.my.cnf). (3) The Jive application. (4) The Astor application and its associated Starter device server source files. (5) The Pogo application. (6) The tg_devtest application (7) A test device server called TangoTest with its source files (8) The atk graphical toolkit for writing tango applications in java (9) The atkpanel application as a generic test client (10 The atktuning application for tuning attributes in a device (11) The logviewer application for visualising logging messages (12) The DeviceTree application to display tango device attribute and/or command (13) The atkmoni application to monitor scalar attribute values in time (14) The jdraw synoptic editor to create synoptic applications (15) The synopticAppli to run and test synoptics created with jdraw (16) The Tango controlled access device server source file It is used if you want to run Tango with its controlled access feature The Jive application is a Tango database browsing tool written in Java. It also allows device testing. Its documentation is at http://www.esrf.eu/computing/cs/tango/tango_doc/tools_doc/jive_doc/index.html The Astor application is also a Java application. With the help of the Tango starter device server, it allows full remote Tango control system administration. Its documentation is at : http://www.esrf.eu/computing/cs/tango/tango_doc/tools_doc/astor_doc/index.html The Pogo application is a graphical Tango device server code generator. Its documentation is at : http://www.esrf.eu/computing/cs/tango/tango_doc/tools_doc/pogo_doc/index.html tg_devtest is a device testing application for device server which do not use the database. It is a sub-part of Jive. 3 - PREREQUISITES ----------------- Before compiling and installing TANGO you need to install : (1) omniORB available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/omniorb (Preferably version 4.2.1 but 4.2.0/4.1.7/4.1.6 is fine). OmniORB is mandatory to build the Tango libraries and the delivered Tango device servers. (2) zmq available from http://www.zeromq.org (version >= 4.0.5). Zmq is mandatory to build the Tango libraries and the delivered Tango device servers. (3) mysql available from http://mysql.org (version >= 5.5) or MariaDB from https://mariadb.org (version >= 10.0) One of these two databases is mandatory to install a Tango database. The default database is still mysql. If you want to use MariaDB, use the --enable-mariadb configure option. (4) doxygen available from http://www.doxygen.org Remark : doxygen is not mandatory to run Tango. It is just used by our code generator (called Pogo) to automatically generates some part of the Tango device server documentation. If you don't install it, this part of the documenetaion will simply not be generated. But in all cases, some HTML pages documenting Tango device server will allways be generated. Also check the tools you are using (1) If you are using gcc, you need to have gcc release 3.2.0 or above. You can download gcc from http://gcc/gnu.org (2) Only java release 1.7.0 or above is supported, you can download java from http://java.sun.com/j2se. Java is mandatory to install and run the Tango tools. 4 - INSTALLING -------------- Once you have installed the packages in prerequisites you can think about configuring and compiling TANGO. To configure TANGO you need to tell it where to find omniORB, ZMQ and mysql (if it is in a non-standard place) and where to install TANGO. The main options for configure are: --prefix=PREFIX install architecture-independent files in PREFIX [/usr/local] --enable-static[=PKGS] build static libraries [default=no] --enable-mariadb MariaDb database instead of mysql. Build database server using mariadb instead of mysql --disable-java disable installation of Java applications --disable-dbserver disable installation of Tango database server. --disable-dbcreate enable an creation of the Tango database schema --disable-jpegmmx disable jpeg mmx optimization --with-java path to java interpreter --with-doxygen path to doxygen utility --with-lyx path to LyX utility --with-zlib=DIR root directory path of zlib installation defaults to /usr/local or /usr if not found in /usr/local --with-omni prefix to omniORB installation (default: $OMNI_ROOT) --with-zmq prefix to ZMQLIB installation --with-tango-db-name Name of the database created in mysql (default: tango) --with-tango-rc-file Location/name of the tango rc file (default: /etc/tangorc) --with-mysqlclient-prefix=PFX Prefix where mysqlclient is installed --with-mysqlclient-include=DIR Directory pointing to mysqlclient include files --with-mysqlclient-lib=LIB Directory pointing to mysqlclient library (Note: -include and -lib do override paths found with -prefix) --with-mysql-ho the host of the database (mysql or mariadb) (default: <blank>) --with-mysql-admin super user of your database (mysql or mariadb) (default: <blank>) --with-mysql-admin-passwd super user password of your database (mysql or mariadb) (default: <blank>) The last three options can be replaced with a .my.cnf file in your home directory with the following content: [client] user = [db login name] password = [password] host = [host name] At the end of the configure script, a status is displayed indicating pathes and versions of found software and the parts of the Tango package which are ready to be installed. Example (using mysql): Source code location: ../.. Version: 9.2.5a Compiler: gcc,g++ OMNIORB PATH: /segfs/tango/ORB/omniORB4.2.1/ubuntu1404 OMNIORB VERSION: "4.2.1" ZMQ PATH: /segfs/tango/transport/zmq4.0.5/ubuntu1404 ZMQ VERSION: 4.0.5 JAVA PATH: /usr/bin/java JAVA VERSION: 1.7.0_79 MYSQL CLIENT LIB: -L/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient MYSQL VERSION: 5.7.13 MYSQL CONNECTION: OK build: libraries: yes java application: yes event java interface: yes access control server: yes database server: yes database schema create: yes Hints to configure: The Tango database server ------------------------- To disable the compilation and installation of the database server, use --disable-dbserver. Create the Tango database ------------------------- To allow the configure script to create the Tango database in your database, make sure that the mysql version is > 5.5 (or 10.0 for mariadb) and the mysqld is running before doing configure. Also check that the mysql client (called mysql) is in your path. If you are not running the configure script on the same host where the mysql server is running, use the "--with-mysql-ho" configure option or the host entry in the my.cnf file. The configure script will try to connect to the database. Make sure that privileges are granted to the user used by configure running on the host where you run configure. The configure options "--with-mysql-admin" and "--with-mysql-admin-passwd" allow you to select which database user configure will use. You can also use the user and password entries of the my.cnf file to set-up your connection to the database. To disable any access to the database use the --disable-dbcreate option. Database server, mysql and libz ------------------------------- Depending on how MySql has been installed, the Tango database server may need the compress/uncompress library (called "libz"). By default, configure try to find this compress/uncompress stuff. If you don't need it, use the configure "--without-zlib". Java applications ----------------- Tango arrives with many Java applications. Each java applications has its own script (in $prefix/bin) where the CLASSPATH is set before starting the java interpreter. These scripts will be modified by the configure script to set a correct path to the java interpreter found in your PATH when configure was run. You can also use the "--with-java=xxx" to define a path to the java interpreter. It is not mandatory to find the java interpreter in your PATH. You can use the "--disable-java" configure option to build Tango. When java was not found, disabled, or found with un unsufficient version, the installation of the java applications is disabled. lyx --- LyX is a document processor used to generate the tango manual documentation. One already generated manual is provided in this distribution. Nevertheless, if you want to re-generate it, you can use the command "make pdf" but this requires LyX to be installed on your host. You can used the "--with-lyx=xxx" configure command line to define a path to the LyX utility on your host. doxygen ------- Doxygen is a documentation generator from C++ source files. It is used by the Tango code generator (called Pogo) to generate Tango device server documentation. The script used to start Pogo will be modified by the configure script to set a correct path to the doxygen command found in your PATH when configure was run. You can also used the "--with-doxygen=xxx" to define a path to the doxygen command. It is not mandatory to find the doxygen command in your PATH or to use the "--with-doxygen" configure option to build and run Tango. This will only prevent some part of Tango device server documentation to be generated by Pogo. You can type "configure --help" to get a print of all the options supported by the configure script. Here is an example of running configure for TANGO telling it where to install (--prefix) TANGO and where omniORB and ZMQ are installed: cd $directory_where_tango_has_been_installed mkdir build cd build export CC=gcc export CXX=g++ ../configure --prefix=/home/tango/release/install_dir_linux \ --with-omni=/segfs/tango/ORB/omniORB4.2.1/ubuntu1404 \ --with-zmq=/segfs/tango/transport/zmq4.0.5/ubuntu1404 During the configure procedure the access to the database is tested. Please prepare your my.cnf (database configuration file) or use the configure options --with-mysql-admin --with-mysql-admin-passwd --with-mysql-ho to specify the access to the database. 5 - COMPILING ------------- Once configure has run successfully you can compile and install the executables, include files, libraries and scripts. Do this by typing : make all make install 6 - RUNNING ----------- To test wether the TANGO build worked do the following : (1) start the database on port 10000 by typing : TANGO_INSTALL_DIR/bin/DataBaseds 2 -ORBendPoint giop:tcp::10000 Specify the database account to be used by the database server. Two possibilities are available: - set the following environment variables to the account and password to be used MYSQL_USER to specify the database login name MYSQL_PASSWORD to specify the password MYSQL_HOST if required - configure the database client with the database configuration file my.cnf [client] user = [database login name] password = [password] (2) Configure the TANGO_HOST environment variable with the hostname the database server is running on and the port number used. setenv TANGO_HOST hostname:10000 (3) start the test device server tangoTest : TANGO_INSTALL_DIR/bin/TangoTest test (4) start jive by typing for example : TANGO_INSTALL_DIR/bin/jive (See chapter 4 java sub-chapter to check the jive script) (5) test your device using the test device in jive (6) write new device servers using pogo : TANGO_INSTALL_DIR/bin/pogo (See chapter 4 java sub-chapter to check the pogo script) 7 - UPDATING FROM PREVIOUS TANGO RELEASES ----------------------------------------- WARNINGS: To update the Tango database, the distribution provides some scripts. The "make install" command will create these database related scripts in <install_dir>/share/tango/db ONLY if the database connection test done at configure time is successfull ("database schema create" reported as yes at the end of the configure script execution) 7-2 - UPDATING FROM A TANGO 9 DATABASE -------------------------------------- Tango 9.2 includes an update of the database. This is one update of the stored procedure (release 1.12). To update your database, follow these instructions: a - Stop your control system and your database server(s) b - Backup your database (Recommended, not mandatory) c - Cd to the <install_dir>/share/tango/db directory d - Run the update script: ./update_db.sh e - Restart your database server(s) 7-2 - UPDATING FROM A TANGO 8 DATABASE -------------------------------------- Tango 9.1 requires an update of the database. This is one update of the stored procedure (release 1.11), some new commands in the list of allowed commands for the Database class (for Tango Access Control system) and some new tables related to the new pipe feature. To update your database, follow these instructions: a - Stop your control system and your database server(s) b - Backup your database (Recommended, not mandatory) c - Cd to the <install_dir>/share/tango/db directory d - Run the update script: mysql -u[user] -p[password] < ./update_db8.sql e - Restart your database server(s) 7-2 - UPDATING FROM A TANGO 7 DATABASE -------------------------------------- Tango 9.1 needs an update of the data in the database. This is one update of the stored procedure (release 1.9), some more commands definition for the Tango control access and new tables dedicated to pipe. To update your database, follow these instructions: a - Stop your control system and your database server(s) b - Backup your database (Recommended, not mandatory) c - Cd to the <install_dir>/share/tango/db directory d - Run the update script: mysql -u[user] -p[password] < ./update_db7.sql e - Restart your database server(s) 8 - DOCUMENTATION ----------------- Don't forget to READ THE MANUAL (in doc/tango.pdf) ! 9 - REMARKS ----------- TANGO 9.0: Tango 9.0 is a major release. Recompiling a device server with Tango 8.0 means recompiling ALL classes of the device server. You need to work with coherent include files. TANGO 8.0: Tango 8.0 is a major release. Recompiling a device server with Tango 8.0 means recompiling ALL classes of the device server. You need to work with coherent include files. TANGO 7.0: Tango 7.0 is a major release. Recompiling a device server with Tango 7.0 means recompiling ALL classes of the device server. You need to work with coherent include files. TANGO 6.1: The database server in this package uses stored procedures. To make it reliably work the MySQL version must be >5.0. To exploit the full performance of the new database server, on an already installed Tango system, the the chapter UPDATING FROM PREVIOUS TANGO RELEASES. TANGO 6.0: Tango 6.0 is a major release, because it uses omniORB 4.1 which is a major release of omniORB. The code generated from the with the IDL compiler is not compatible with the code gernerated with omniORB 4.0.x! To avoid any confusion with new and old libraries we decided to make also a major Tango release. Recompiling a device server with Tango 6.0 and omniORB 4.1 means recompiling ALL classes of the device server. You need to work with coherent include files. 10 - QUESTIONS -------------- You will definitely have some ! Send questions to info@tango-controls.org or on the forum: http://www.tango-controls.org/community/forum 11 - URL -------- Visit the TANGO website http://www.tango-controls.org for online documentation, news and to download add-on packages. 12 - CHANGES ------------ See the file TANGO_CHANGES to get an overview of all modification between the different Tango library versions. Changes between Tango distribution 9.2.5 and 9.2.5a -------------------------------------------------- - Updated Jive to Release 7.10 - Updated JSSHTerminal to Release 1.10 - Updated Astor to Release 7.0.9 - Added DBBench Release 1.3 Changes between Tango distribution 9.2.2 and 9.2.5 -------------------------------------------------- - Updated C++ library to Release 9.2.5 - Updated Jive to Release 7.8 - Updated atkpanel to Release 5.5 - Updated Pogo to Release 9.4.5 - Updated DbServer to Release 5.6 (stored procedure release 1.13) - Updated JTango to Release 9.1.2 - Updated ATK to Release 9.1.22 - Updated Astor to Release 7.0.7 - Updated Starter to Release 6.9 - Updated LogViewer to Release 2.0.4 - Updated TangoAccessControl to Release 2.13 Changes between Tango distribution 9.1.0 and 9.2.2 -------------------------------------------------- - Updated C++ library to Release 9.2.2 - Updated Jive to Release 6.9 - Updated atkpanel to Release 5.4 - Updated Pogo to Release 9.2.4 - Updated DbServer to Release 5.4 (stored procedure release 1.11) - Updated JTango to Release 9.0.7 - Updated ATK to Release 9.1.13 - Updated Astor to Release 6.7.0 - Updated Starter to Release 6.8 - Updated TangoTest to Release 2.1 - Updated TangoAccessControl to Release 2.12 - SourceForge bug 755 : DBserver and TAC : Passing database name at run time - SourceForge bug 762 : TangoTest : SegFault writing to long_spectrum attribute - SourceForge bug 763 : DBserver : NULL insertion in NOT NULL columns - SourceForge bug 766 : Starter : memory leak - SourceForge bug 772 : Makefile dependencies to prevent unnecessary rebuilt - SourceForge bug 778 : tango.opt defines wrong LDFLAGS - SourceForge bug 782 : Bug in common_target.opt file - TangoTest : Memory not freed in delete_device() method - DBserver : Add command DbGetForwardedAttributeForDevice - DBserver : Change default value for accessed columns in 2 tables - DBserver : Change variable data type in Stored procedure Changes between Tango distribution 8.1.2 and 9.1.0 -------------------------------------------------- - Updated C++ library to Release 9.1.0 - Updated Log4Tango to Release 5.0.1 - Updated Jive to Release 6.7 - Updated atkpanel to Release 5.2 - Updated Pogo to Release 9.1.7 - Updated Astor to Release 6.6.6 - Updated DbServer to Release 5.2 - Replacing TangORB with JTango Release 9.0.5 - Updated ATK to Release 9.1.3 - Updated LogViewer to Release 2.0.1 - Updated Starter to Release 6.6 - Updated TangoTest to Release 2.0 - Updated TangoAccessControl to Release 2.11 - Updated tango_admin to Release 1.13 - Updated AccessControl abstract class to Release 2.7 - notifd2db removed from distribution - jzmq removed from distribution - removed notify_daemon script - SourceForge bug 661: DbServer : Wrong initialization of device table int and date columns (created_db script) - SourceForge bug 669: Jive : File written with escaped " character - SourceForge bug 670: TangoTest : Crash with value < 1 given to attribute float_scalar - SourceForge bug 671: DbServer : Attribute alias not deleted during delete_device - SourceForge bug 713: DbServer : History ID on 64 bits value - DbServer: Characters / and " " forbidden in alias name - DbServer: Small memory leak in DbGetInstanceNameList command - DbServer: Memory leak when trying to get event from it - DbServer: Change the way memorized attribute property (__value) is managed - DbServer: Remove history memorization for memorized attribute (including already stored history) - DbServer: Replace NULL insertion in not null table colums by actual date (now()) - Tango_admin: Add options --server-list and --server-instance-list (FR 99) - Distribution: Doc images source files (.fig) added to distribution - Distribution: Idl file compiled during the package compilation Changes between Tango distribution 8.0.5 and 8.1.2 --------------------------------------------------- - Updated C++ library to Release 8.1.2 - Updated Log4Tango to Release 4.0.8 - Updated Jive to Release 4.31 - Updated atkpanel to Release 4.8 - Updated Pogo to Release 8.1.14 - Updated Astor to Release 6.3.6 - Updated DbServer to Release 4.23 - Updated TangORB to Release 8.3.0 - Updated ATK to Release 4.5.3 - Updated Starter to Release 5.12 - Updated TangoTest to Release 1.9 - Updated TangoAccessControl to Release 2.9 - Updated DeviceTree to Release 1.9.6 - Updated notifd2db to Release 1.14 - Updated tango_admin to Release 1.11 - Updated AccessControl abstract class to Release 2.6 - SourceForge bug 88 (1497526) - Updating property with character \ - SourceForge bug 520 (3543407) - Bug in DbGetDeviceAttributeProperty2 - SourceForge bug 525 (3559224) - Missing -lzmq for libtango - SourceForge bug 555 - Not possible to launch atkpanel from Jdraw - New attribute alias related commands in Database server - New DbRenameServer command in database server - The DbDeleteServer command now also delete device properties - Improvement in TAC device filter (sr/v-*/* allowed) - Add jzmq in source distribution - "make pdf" command now generates the Tango book with a new --with-lyx configure command line option Changes between Tango distribution 7.2.6a and 8.0.5 --------------------------------------------------- - Updated C++ library to Release 8.0.5 - Updated Log4Tango to Release 4.0.7 - Updated Jive to Release 4.24 - Updated atkpanel to Release 4.5 - Updated Pogo to Release 8.0.7 - Updated Astor to Release 6.0.4 - Updated notifd2db to Release 1.13 - Updated tango_admin to Release 1.10 - Updated DbServer to Release 4.17 - Updated TangORB to Release 8.0.0 - Updated ATK to Release 4.3.9 - Updated Starter to Release 5.5 - Updated TangoTest to Release 1.7.0 - Updated TangoAccessControl to Release 2.5 - Updated AccessControl to Release 2.5 - SourceForge bug 3308848: Fix build on kfreebsd system - SourceForge bug 3383197: Jpeg mmx option to configure - SourceForge bug 3409434: Memory leaks in Database server - SourceForge bug 3515206: Bug in PutServerInfo command (Database server) - Add command DbGetCSDbServerList to database server - The database server now unregister itself from database when it is killed - Add 3 db commands (DbImportEvent, DbGetDeviceAlias and DbGetCSDbServerList) in allowed command list (For TAC) - The database server and TAC server supports a MYSQL_HOST environment variable - Add messages around MySQL connection in database server (to ease debugging) - New and faster algorithm in database command DbGetDeviceAttributeProperty2 - Fix two bugs in database stored procedure (release 1.8) - Try to prevent SQL injection in command DbMySqlSelect - All database class commands now have their arguments description field initialized - Database server, TAC server and Tango Test are now compiled with Debian hardenning flags Changes between Tango distribution 7.2.1 and 7.2.6a --------------------------------------------------- - SourceForge bug 3312284: Could not start jive, astor,... Changes between Tango distribution 7.2.1 and 7.2.6 --------------------------------------------------- - Updated C++ library to Release 7.2.6 - Updated Jive to Release 4.19 - Updated LogViewer to Release 1.2.3 - Updated Pogo to Release 7.2.1 - Updated Astor to Release 5.4.1 - Updated notifd2db to Release 1.12 - Updated tango_admin to Release 1.8 - Updated DbServer to Release 4.12 - Updated TangORB to Release 7.4.3 - Updated ATK to Release 4.2.10 - Updated Starter to Release 5.2 - Updated TangoTest to Release 1.4.5 - Updated TangoAccessControl to Release 2.4 - Updated AccessControl to Release 2.4 - SourceForge bug 3158150: Architecture issue in configure.in - SourceForge bug 3152384: Db Server crash when reading timing attributes - SourceForge bug 3138228: A new parameter in tango_admin when pinging database - SourceForge bug 3137921: Pogo 7 does not create some output arguments - SourceForge bug 3129852: Fix SQL script to update a Tango database from release 6 to 7.2 - Update crate_db_tables.sql script to support MySQL >= 5.1 CREATE TABLE sql statement - Implement a retry to MySQl connection in DB server. Needed for binary install Changes between Tango distribution 7.2.0 and 7.2.1 -------------------------------------------------- - Updated C++ library Release 7.2.1 - Fix SourceForge bugs number 3092110 and 3092764 - Split lib/cpp/server/jpeg directory in order to optimize compilation options Changes between Tango distribution 7.1.1 and 7.2.0 -------------------------------------------------- - Added tango_admin Release 1.0 - Updated database device server Release 4.8 - Updated TangoAccessControl device server Release 1.5 - Updated TangoTest to Release 1.4.4 - Updated ATKCore and ATKWidget to Release 4.2.3 - Updated atkpanel to Release 4.3 - Updated Jive to Release 4.12 - Updated Pogo Release 7.0 - Updated Astor to Release 5.2.9 - Updated TangORB to Release 7.3.5 - Updated Jdraw to Release 1.13 - Updated Starter to Release 4.14 - Fix SourceForge bugs number 3000308 - 3000310 - 3000329 - After installation, the doc and man folders are now under the "share" folder - A new doc/src folder added in the source package. This folder contains all the necessary files (lyx format) to generate the Tango bible (tango.pdf). If lyx is installed on your computer, to re-generate the bible, go to doc/src and type " lyx -e pdf tango.lyx" - Pogo release 6 and 7 are available in this release. If you want to start pogo release 6, simply use the pogo-6 script available in the bin directory after the install - After installation, all Pogo code generation related files are in a pogo directory - Java jar files are now in <install_dir>/share/java - Include files are now in <install_dir>/include/tango Changes between Tango distribution 7.0.2 and 7.1.1 -------------------------------------------------- - Updated database device server Release 4.5 - Updated TangoAccessControl device server Release 1.4 - Updated ATKCore and ATKWidget to Release 4.0.6 - Updated atkpanel to Release 4.2 - Updated Jive to Release 4.0 - Updated Pogo Release 6.2.0 - Updated Astor to Release 5.2.3 - Updated TangORB to release 7.1.0 - A new option --with-tango-rc-file allowing the user to select the Tango rc file location has been added to the configure script - The value passed to the configure script option --with-tango-db-name is now also taken into account by the database server and the controlled access server - Man pages for binaries have been added - omniORB detection done using pkg-config - Pictures used in the Tango pdf documentation has been changed in order to clarify their licences - In case TANGO_HOST is not defined as a variable environment, scripts to start the provided tools use the rc file if defined - Fix bug in MySQL detection - Fix bug in case doxygen is not available on the host where the installation is performed Changes between Tango distribution 6.1.1.b and 7.0.2 ---------------------------------------------------- - Added the Tango controlled access server Release 1.3 - Updated Notifd2db.cpp file Release 1.7 - Updated database device server Release 4.3 - Updated starter device server Release 4.8 - Updated TangoTest device server Release 1.3 - Updated Astor to Release 5.2 - Updated ATKCore and ATKWidget to Release 4.0.2 - Updated Jive Release 3.21 - Updated Pogo Release 6.0.0 - Updated TangoORB Release 7.0.2 - Updated atkpanel to Release 4.1 Added a tango_wca script to start/stop a Tango control system when used with its controlled access Changes between Tango distribution 6.1.1.a and 6.1.1.b ------------------------------------------------------ - Updated ATKPanel to release 3.5 - Added the log4j jar file (used by LogViewer and Java device server) Changes between Tango distribution 6.1.1 and 6.1.1.a ---------------------------------------------------- - Notifd2db.cpp file updated to release 1.6 - Fix bug in the database update script in the history ids tables update - Add TangORB.jar file to the CLASSPATH in the jdraw script file - Updated TangoORB.jar file to release 6.0.2 - Added the tool_panels jar file - Update TangoTest device server (slower data refresh frequency)
Source: README.txt, updated 2017-01-09

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