Bayesian anti-spam classifier written in Python.

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User Reviews

  • Works perfectly well with Win8 and office 2010. Just have to make sure you install it to its own directory. In my case I went with C:\spambayes. On another note, i have used SpamBayes for quite sometime and it is quite simply the best spam filter out there.

  • I'm wondering what the user who said it wouldn't work on a 64-bit platform meant, since there are many ways a failure can manifest. I can get it to run on Win8 64-bit, that is, the application doesn't crash, but I just can't communicate with it using my email client.

  • It's working OK so far on a newish 64-bit Win-7 desktop as of 5/14. It is slightly slow and has a clunky (antique) UI feel but seems to get the job done with adequate user options but not too many options. To make it work I hade to install in a non default directory, C:/spambayes and then upgrade gocr049.exe which was crashing Google will find comments on both these issues.

  • Doesn't work on a 64-bit platform (Windows and Office), still waiting for a solution.

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

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