Snarl displays short bursts of information on screen in the form of small, beautiful, pop-ups that fade in and out.

However, it's much more than just that: connect applications and external sources into Snarl to provide a rich array of notifications in a single place, then create rules to forward these notifications to your mobile devices, email inbox - or even friends, family, or a workforce.


  • Stay up to date with news feeds, emails, sports and weather updates and more. See notifications on your desktop and mobile devices. Find out more here:
  • Notify your entire workforce instantly, create 'message of the day' notifications and allow project teams to communicate more effectively. For system administrators, monitor the health of your server estate, or activity on your desktop fleet. More here:
  • Leverage the power of Snarl by incorporating Snarl support into your own applications, or extend Snarl's own functionality through the use of API Services. See the dev guide at

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User Reviews

  • awesome... but using lot of ram.... :-(

  • Pretty good software to get notifications. If you need to know then you need to Snarl it before issues Snarls you into a trap of the unknown.

  • Will you make version for Outlook 2010 too?

  • Awsome work. As good if not better than Growl.

  • Great software, well polished and has been reliable for the years that I have used it.

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Intended Audience

Advanced End Users, End Users/Desktop

User Interface

Win32 (MS Windows)

Programming Language

C#, REALbasic, Visual Basic, C++, C, Delphi/Kylix