Oscilloscope application for Arduino & .NET.
Includes full source code.
Version 2 features sampling rate x10.


  • Sampling 2 analog channels
  • Volt/Div = 0.1÷0.5V (input voltage 0÷5V)
  • Time/Div = 1÷100msec (max. sampling rate 50KHz)
  • Rising/Falling/Both trigger & level adjust
  • Single/repetitive trigger
  • Click & drag mouse on screen to measure
  • D2 outputs 1KHz square wave (100Hz in version 1)
  • Version 2 sampling rate increased x10

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Public Domain

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User Reviews

  • I have the same problem with a flickering display under Windows XP SP3 x32. It seems to work fine under Win 7 x64 bit. Hope you keep going and update this! Thanks!

  • Had problem with flickering display (unless keying on it permanently) under XP and .NET 4 (no previous experience with this framework). However it works fine in a netbook under Windows 8. My Arduino is a clone from Seeedstudio. Great package, I needed something simple to test a sequencer. Congratulation.

  • Project is a simple 2 channel oscilloscope with trigger mode and windows GUI. Microcontroller part works on Arduino (I tested it on Arduino Pro Mini clone), uses 115200 virtual serial port baud rate. 0-5 V input signal is taken from A0 and A1 analog inputs. Controller part receives control commands from graphical interface part for setting time resolution, voltage scale, trigger level and other parameters. Number of samples is 500. Samples are send in packets via COM port or its USB emulation. GUI part requires "." decimal divider to be set in your windows regional settings.

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Programming Language

C#, C