Contains everything needed to quickly and simply emulate the Raspberry Pi in a Windows environment.

Download and run suitable for beginners.

Planned updates to software download and support pages/ wiki.

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User Reviews

  • Thanks a lot! Have u got a plan to update the kit with the latest binaries of the QEMU and Raspbian IMG ?

  • Hello, I installed this. I see there are 2 desktop selection option available in the toolbar menu. Can i use one as server and the other one as client ? If not please give me a clue how could i achieve this ? Basically i want to achieve two virtual Raspberry pi devices to communicate with each other. Best regards Sathish

  • The emulation worked perfectly for the Raspberry Pi command line. The GUI was sluggish on my 2.4 GHz i5 Windows 10 system. I used the following command line to map the Raspberry Pi port 22 (SSH) to localhost port 2222. This allows you to ssh into the pi and to psftp files in and out. You will need to run psftp from a command prompt and the putty directory must be in your path. REM This will start the Raspberry Pi with 256 MB of RAM and redirect tcp port 22 (ssh) to port 2222. REM Use putty ftp command: psftp -l pi -P 2222 qemu-system-arm.exe -M versatilepb -cpu arm1176 -hda 2012-07-15-wheezy-raspbian.img -kernel kernel-qemu -m 256 -append "root=/dev/sda2" -redir tcp:2222::22

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  • Great work, thank you! A questione please: can I run it on linux without WINE?

  • to test with more recent image : just download latest image file in the qemu in qemu edit run.bat and change in it the img file and there you go. ps: too bad you cant save anything

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