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  • Worked great for decoding Raspberry Pi serial communication.

  • Works as advertised.

  • I have been using RealTerm for almost 15 years and it is the greatest most easiest to use amazingly functional terminal software hands down! We do industrial automation systems and RealTerm has been an vital part in our applications for testing serial communications between control devices. I don't know what we would do without it! Many Thanks to the designers for helping us and making our jobs easier.

  • I used to send many commands line by line manually until I find this program. It can send many comands with one click by put commands into one hex file. And it can explain rx data in 7bits , I just need this feature. It's a really good program.

  • Very nice software. Easy and simple. If you are looking for a complete IDE for batch files see Batch Compiler (batch-compiler). Converts BAT to EXE. Freeware. Real compiling + Draw graphics with Advance Commands!

  • Very versatile but So so Windows tenny. pretty, lots of bells and whistles but missed the mark. While capturing it wouldnt echo to the terminal whether it was in direct or terminal capture mode. Id really like to know if the data is actually there without turning off a 5 hour long capture. Now for some odd reason it decided to show characters but no longer shows the cr lf or ff characters it was. sigh so confusing. Program was needed as i do serial communications to my battery voltage monitors for my solar system. I wont be able to use this much as i cant trust it to get real time data while capturing. Bottom line fancy but not a techies dream. Cant trust it to work same twice.

  • Easy to use, loads of useful features, a solid design, and even good active support and development.

  • The product seems to have a bunch of features, but the fact that you can't bridge a com port without an extra component is an issue for me. Support seems to be virtually non-existant. I made the required contribution via paypal, but yet no link to the required dll is provided. Worse yet, no communication what-so-ever.

  • This is a great program. It has become my favorite. Installed fine on Win7 64bit. Would have given it 5 stars if there was a way to set the font and colors.

  • This is great. All the years I used Tera Term and I could have been using RealTerm. Wow.

  • wide capabilities!

  • A nice serial terminal program.

  • My favorite serial terminal app. Tons of features and highly customizable. :)

  • Great serial exposer with lot's of handy options to scan, manipulate and interrogate the data.

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  • Simple and precise. I just received two USB to RS485 converters that I wanted to test. I booted two Realterm windows, immediately found the two ports and was communicating within a couple minutes between the two devices.... keep it simple! Thanks!

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  • Thank You Very Much For sharing this. For embedded designs (ARM/AVR/PIC/8051) Projects and tutorials you can check this link.

  • user-friendly app

  • This program has a few warts, but it is hands-down the best thing that I've found for troubleshooting various forms of communications problems during development.

  • Great serial communications software! It has solved many problems in no time. I use it in my "home automation" project to control several RS232 devices. Thank you very much!

  • Great tool

  • This tool is very useful! I save a lot of time with debugging terminal applications. Also see com2com project.

  • A very powerful and flexible serial application. If you have trouble running the software on Windows 7, try running it as administrator first.

  • If using Win7 64bit - download version from the files list. Right click on the set-up file and select "Trouble Shoot Compatibility" Accept suggested WinXP SP2 settings The run set-up Next find the location of RealTerm and repeat the compatibility settings above. Now run Real Term

  • Tried to install on Windows 7 x64. It displayed this message, "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86(32-bit) or x64(64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.

  • Great serial control app

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