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Out of Beta

With the squashing of the NUL bug in the last release, V3 is now ready to replace V2 for all users. [The only exception maybe those who are using COM/ActiveX from Internet Explorer, as the wrapper dll is gone]

Many Feature Requests
I have gotten through a lot of user feature requests. Do look at the full list below.
Even the Ansi-Color command request, which has been in the too hard basket for years, until I embarassingly discovered it already worked, I was simply overriding it. Oops.... read more

Posted by Simon Bridger 2017-06-16 beta

Batch File / Commandline improvements

Finally a fix for Bug#70: Null scrambles terminal - this should be the last beta release, as it's been a showstopper.

Send Files
Multiple files, semicolon separated, can now be sent. This is useful where you want to send groups of commands with a delay between them - just put into separate files and set SENDDLY.
You can Drag and Drop files from explorer to Realterm now too.... read more

Posted by Simon Bridger 2016-11-20 beta

Many bug fixes this release, see list below. Also a significant bug discovered in the ALL Chars emulator.

DisplayAs Reorganised
It has grown to have too many items to fit any more in. If you are setting this from the commandline, the param values have changed. The default emulator has been renamed from ASCII to ALL CHARS

Custom TimeStamp
Timestamp can be set with a format string. Right/dbl-click to edit it. The status line previews selected timestamp.
You should use Custom rather than System,(see bug74 which is rather ill deifned and shows no hh:mm:ss at midnight.)
Display Timestamp also gets custom format. right-click to edit. (no cmdline param yet)... read more

Posted by Simon Bridger 2016-06-05

Virus False Positives, Chrome blocking download site

These problems have been tracked to the (legitimate) utility CMDOW which was added in
This has been removed from the installer, and you will need to download it yourself if you need it, a link to it is in the utilities dir.
It is not needed to run Realterm.(It's used in example batch files that demo post-processing).

Posted by Simon Bridger 2016-01-11 Beta

Some users have reported false virus reports in Hopefully this release is sufficiently different.
Some minor fixes to commandline params.
See previous news about for last significant improvements.

Binary Sync params added
Added commandline params for binary sync:

Bug Reports
Beta Downloads... read more

Posted by Simon Bridger 2015-10-31 Beta

Improve capture for datalogging, Bluetooth LE module support, other small fixes and changes.

Capture for Data-Logging
Big enhancements to capture for datalogging applications.
Auto-Filename & Restart: Now automatically creates new files, and names them with DateTime
Post-Processing: Run a batch file when capture closes
When doing long captures, Capture can be set to automatically finish after time or when a certain size is reached.
Now the capture can automatically re-start a new file, and append the datetime to the filename. (Note that the date format is chosen to sort correctly in filemanager).
eg ... read more

Posted by Simon Bridger 2015-07-15

V3.0.0.27 beta

Bug fixes to some obscure bug reports which have proved significant!

File Sending Speed
File sending has always been very slow ~1200bytes/sec. Oddly there have been few complaints, so this must work for most people, and too fast is probably more often a problem than too slow. Changes to the timers and blocksizes allows it to speed up to over 100kBps if you want. The Char Delay spinedit now goes to -ve values which increase the block sizes, and speed up sending. Status bar shows you the block size as you change it.... read more

Posted by Simon Bridger 2015-05-31

V3.0.0.26 beta

Bedding down 24 & 25. More hotkeys and things to make MiniTerminal more usable...


You can now drag resize the window and the terminal rows will change. The ROWS setting now acts as a minimum value.
You can see the actual Row & Col values in the status bar during resizing.
Columns don't change as you drag except in the MiniTerminal view. You can drag the miniterminal
Double-click on ROWS and COLS to set the values.Columns will be set to the full window width - great for fullscreen mode, rows are set to the current actual rowcount.... read more

Posted by Simon Bridger 2015-05-15

Version beta


After a long time, it does what the help says again: enter=CR, ctrl+enter=LF, shift+enter=CRLF
In Ansi/VT100 mode, enter=CR, but in Newline mode enter=CRLF
There is also a hotkey for CRLF ctrl+alt+enter

Lots of Hotkeys

Finally local hotkeys are working. Look at the popup menu to see what all the hotkeys are. (There will be more in future releases, so check out the Popup Menu carefully with each new release.)... read more

Posted by Simon Bridger 2015-05-14

Version beta

More bug fixes, some major additions, and following so close on the last release you should make sure to read about that too. Full details in the changelog at the end.

Global Hotkeys & Send Strings

This will be a useful feature for many users.
Hotkeys and menu items have been added for the two send strings on the Send tab. The F10 and F11 keys send the strings. (^F10, ^F11 send numbers).
From the SendString->GlobalHotkeys menu, you can enable system-wide hotkeys. This means that you can sedn these strings from anywhere in windows - not just the realterm screen.
(Currently local hotkeys do not work when the terminal window has focus)... read more

Posted by Simon Bridger 2015-05-12

Version beta

Lots of small feature requests and bugs dealt to.

Big news for those with failing eyesight or Tablets:

  • SCALING bigs up all the fonts and controls. Great for todays high resolution small screens.
  • FULLSCREEN now for tablets and other small screens.

Ini Files and Command line Parameters

Realterm doesn't save its state - the commandline is used to set it up, with custom shortcuts. If you have a lot of options this can be hard work, so now there is a parameter "INIFILE=<file>" to group them all in a file.
The INI FILE button on Misc tab brings up a dialog to edit/make/test ini files, automatically setting all the parameters for you from the UI, and letting you test/get-help on commandline parameters. This is the best way to understand the commandline parameters and has seen fixes and improvements. Hint: Double click on a line to test just that line. Double Click on a param to go straight to the help for that param.
INI files just contain a list of commandline parameters, nothing more. You can have as many or as few parameters as you want or need in them - you should just keep the ones you need, and delete most.
The INI can be run from the commandline, or you can load it and use the "test all" button to apply it in a running realterm (but some params work differently in a running instance).... read more

Posted by Simon Bridger 2015-04-30 Labels: New Version

1 Million Downloads

Hard to believe, but in July 2014 we passed 1 Million downloads from Sourceforge in the 12 years since joining SF.
Amazingly, Realterm is still getting more popular with the download rate continuing to rise each year.

After a long stable period, V3 is in development with many bug fixes and improvements.

And of course thanks to the 0.01% of users who have donated. Donations have let us upgrade Delphi, code sign the executables, and add spy drivers.
Without donations development would have stopped several years ago.

Posted by Simon Bridger 2014-10-01

Beta version

V3 has moved out of Alpha, Try the Beta version.
The V3 series is now built with Delphi DEX2, and there may be some subtle changes due to this.
There have been many changes, read the Changelog

Beta versions may be downloaded from

Posted by Simon Bridger 2014-10-01

Signed Installer for Stable V2.0.0.70

The installer and executable is now code signed for security and easier installation.
Download this version from Sourceforge

Posted by Simon Bridger 2014-10-01

New Release now available from SF download.
XP compatible, complete installer with fonts, examples and source.

Posted by Simon Bridger 2008-02-28