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***Savvy Repair for Microsoft Word 3.0 - 04/06/2015*** After browsing and loading your document, if you hit the recover button, Savvy Repair for Microsoft Word, automatically tries several methods for repair or recovery from corruption of Word DOCX files (and even can do some rudimentary repair on DOC ones). DOCX files are collections of conventionally zipped mostly XML sub-files. The program first tries to repair the zip structure, then analyses the file for common corruption patterns and tries to fix them. It also has available a text recovery mode which is just a front end for SILVERCODERS DocToText for DOCX, DOC and maybe other format text extraction. Also found on the GUI window are many buttons for downloading patches and other free solutions to chronic Microsoft Word corruption. Also there is a link to two forums, one of which I participate in, where experts will try to fix your corrupt DOCX file for free, manually. This is sometimes preferable to the result you get with Savvy Word DOCX repair. If you can wait a few hours, the response is usually pretty good. The changes made in this version are mostly regarding clean up. Temporary files are much better removed in this version. The instances of Microsoft Word used to run the corruption are also terminated more effectively. **Contact** My name is Paul Pruitt. I'm the author. To find similar software I have made try my SourceForge Page: I also have website which lists most of the freeware available on the web for recovery of data from file corruption, unwanted file deletions, failing disks and lost passwords: An even wider assortment of data recovery freeware is listed on my blog: Finally, I do manual file repair. You can send me the file to I charge $5 for the analysis and an additional $17 if I make a successful recovery (by your estimation). The easiest way to invoke this service is to go to another of my websites at:
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