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User Reviews

  • The text and grid buttons do work - despite the other review that says that they don't. You need to select one of them and then click the EXECUTE option and the results will be displayed in the mode selected but to change the display you have to click the button and then re-execute the query. I haven't tried it but I suspect that you can connect to MySQL and any other databases. You just need to create a UDL file for the connection and then import it. The biggest flaw is no online help so you have to grope around in the dark a bit but if you already understand databases and SQL queries it's not hard to work out. Open a text editor and save an empty text file called db.udl to your desktop. Then RIGHT click on the desktop icon and choose PROPERTIES. Use this wizard to setup the connection file and SAVE the changes. Then open QueryExPlus and select OLEDB connection type and import the db.udl file and you should then be able to query the database you set up the connection for. I tried it with a MS Access Version 2 database using the Jet 3.5 engine and it didn't work but the Jet 4.0 engine worked fine.

  • Kinda pitty, there's no MySQL connection. Result in Text/Grid buttons in toolbar don't response. Are there a pre-query tool function?

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System Administrators, Developers, End Users/Desktop

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Win32 (MS Windows)

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Database Environment

Project is a database management tool