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Version 2.0 =========== - New TCP Server/Client mode: * Enabled through command line options: "-s -a subset_name" [Type -h for detailed command line] * Port can be specified (default: 32770) * Unicode support * ProgramQ client provided as example * server can be shutdown through "shut down ProgramQ server" string (to be improved) - HTML tags support: * Must be preceded by "html:" prefix. Example: <html:b><html:font size="2">Any AIML template content</html:font></html:b> - No more "Internal Errors!" with sentences containing only blanks - Input combo box has now always the focus - Input text now added to combo box list even if entered through the "apply" button - New "Holy Quran" AIML set: * Super set of the English AIML set (unmodified) * Many references to Islam peace religion * Personalized the bot for that set * Added substitutions for Mohammed (pbuh) - Infinite loop detection was bugged (detected thanks to Charles Chevalier). In fact it depended on many factors. It's now replaced by breaking too much recursion. - AIML Set can bow be changed at any time - Exclusive support for Qt4: less maintenence & taking full advantage of features of Qt4 - aimlpath variable automatically set when choosing an AIML set (working directory is also updated) - Personalized the bot - Added the posession 's substitution into " s" - Vars xml file is now correctly saved in unicode Version 1.1 =========== + New batch mode: type "ProgramQ -h" for options. Mainly: * Possibility to run a regression and exit * Display of nodes' tree in debug.log file * Specify a given AIML subset * Reply to an input an exit + Integrated TestSuite regression from RebeccaAIML. Regression helped to identify some problems that are fixed now: * Condition matching is no more case sensitive * Support lowercase tag * Support <html:br> tag * Support of multi-array that * Fixed problems with nested random & condition * Support of topicstar tag * Fast detection and breaking of complex infinite loop + better matching algorithm (faster also?): Fix this error: For the sentence "ProgramQ is cool but not perfect", the pattern "* is *" is matched instead of "* but *" wherever the order in which come these patterns + Improved nodemapper building: * words are no more sorted alphabetically but inserted in parse order (new ones first) + Migrated under Qt 4 (still working with Qt3 though) + Improved system tag handling * Support windows * Faster execution * System stdout output containing \n is now better formatted + Replaced user input line edit with a combo box: * Keeps history of user input * Auto-completion enabled + No more support of HTML (HTML code is not interpreted anymore) + Code refactoring to speed up execution a bit + 'that' sentences are now splitted by semicolon ; as well + Improved space handling + Debug file contains log of all conversations (with indented srai) + Added more substitutions (inspired by Program D): * Substitutions now support regular expressions * Substitutions are case insensitive * Substitutions were not done in the entered order but in the alphabetic one + Reversed aiml v0.3 integrated + Charlix v0.3 integrated Version 1.0 =========== + New tags support (more compliant with AIML 1.0.1) + Added support for the system tag (Works only on *nix systems for the moment) + Implemented the input tag (with its index) + Support for the learn tag (still experimental but seems to work!) + Support for uppercase + bot.vars text file is migrated into bot.xml xml file + New vars.xml file: + loaded at startup + Saved back when the AIMLParser class is destroyed (backup file saved as well) + Log file: * Message error when an aiml file has not been correctly parsed * Highlight warnings when an unknown tag has been parsed * Contains system execution trace + Copied popup script file along with the QAIML binary + Added new English contractions ('s,'m, ...) substitutions in the substitutions.xml file + template-side 'that' tag was not supporting the index attribute + Limiting the that & input lists to 50 items (to avoid overflow) + srai & sr tags were modifying the input & that lists + "What is *" was not working correctly => Corrected by fixing spaces strategy when parsing xml: A space is automatically added between 2 sibling non-text xml elements + Graph master updated to allow "overwriting" of new categories + All the characters are now accepted as the user input
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