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Important for Arabic users

Arabic AIML files have been updated : they are now encoded in utf-8 instead of ascii/ISO-8859-1
The code has not beed updated : it simply supports these new files as they are.

The files are located in <PROGRAMQ_PATH>/ProgramQServer/aiml_set/Arabic

When editing, these files, please make sure that your editor supports utf-8 (Notepad++/Qt Creator should be OK for instance).

Posted by Houssem BDIOUI 2013-10-23

ProgramQ v2.0 released !

- New TCP Server/Client mode:
* Enabled through command line options: "-s -a subset_name" [Type -h for detailed command line]
* Port can be specified (default: 32770)
* Unicode support
* ProgramQ client provided as example
* server can be shutdown through "shut down ProgramQ server" string (to be improved)
- HTML tags support:
* Must be preceded by "html:" prefix. Example:
<html:b><html:font size="2">Any AIML template content</html:font></html:b>
- No more "Internal Errors!" with sentences containing only blanks
- Input combo box has now always the focus
- Input text now added to combo box list even
if entered through the "apply" button
- New "Holy Quran" AIML set:
* Super set of the English AIML set (unmodified)
* Many references to Islam peace religion
* Personalized the bot for that set
* Added substitutions for Mohammed (pbuh)
- Infinite loop detection was bugged (detected thanks to
Charles Chevalier). In fact it depended on many factors.
It's now replaced by breaking too much recursion.
- AIML Set can bow be changed at any time
- Exclusive support for Qt4: less maintenence &
taking full advantage of features of Qt4
- aimlpath variable automatically set when choosing
an AIML set (working directory is also updated)
- Personalized the bot
- Added the posession 's substitution into " s"
- Vars xml file is now correctly saved in unicode

Posted by Houssem BDIOUI 2012-08-18

Program Q v1.1 released !

+ Support of Qt4 (Qt3 still supported)
+ More compliancy with AIML
+ Improved system support
+ Faster!
+ Features for debugging purpose
+ And a lot more...
+ Several bug fixes

Posted by Houssem BDIOUI 2006-10-02

Program Q AIML v1.0 released !

+ Embedded Charlix project (thanks to charles chevalier)
+ New tags support (more compliant with AIML 1.0.1)
+ Added support for the system tag (Works only on *nix systems for the moment)
+ Implemented the input tag (with its index)
+ Support for the learn tag (still experimental but seems to work!)
+ Support for uppercase
+ bot.vars text file is migrated into bot.xml xml file
+ New vars.xml file:
+ loaded at startup
+ Saved back when the AIMLParser class is destroyed (backup file saved as well)
+ Log file:
* Message error when an aiml file has not been correctly parsed
* Highlight warnings when an unknown tag has been parsed
* Contains system execution trace
+ Copied popup script file along with the QAIML binary (linux distribution - charlix specific)
+ Added new English contractions ('s,'m, ...) substitutions in the substitutions.xml file
+ template-side 'that' tag was not supporting the index attribute
+ Limiting the that & input lists to 50 items (to avoid overflow)
+ srai & sr tags were modifying the input & that lists
+ Fixed spaces strategy when parsing xml: A space is automatically added between 2 sibling non-text xml elements
+ Graph master updated to allow "overwriting" of new categories
+ All the characters are now accepted as the user input

Posted by Houssem BDIOUI 2006-04-21

QAIML (Qt AIML API) v0.1 Released !

- QAIML is Qt based library/application using AIML standard (
- Thanks to Qt it supports seamlessly any unicode characters and thus two AIML sets are provided: the standard one (English) and a very basic Arabic set (that needs to be extended)

For any comments/feedbacks, please email me at:
houssem dot bdioui at gmail dot com

Posted by Houssem BDIOUI 2006-03-09

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