Hamradio HF digital teletype modem for PocketPC.

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Ham Radio

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User Reviews

  • Very useful project!

  • not only is this a great, stable and world changing program, but its also the ONLY ham data mode software using soundcard on winmo platform. i use it daily for 6 years and would gladly buy beer for vojtech bubnik all night long if he ever came to my town! i used it with htc trinity, hp ipaq hx2790, and samsung omnia. the only flaw is the samsung omnia would make a great new front panel for my ft817 but the idiots at samsung/microsoft screwed up the audio routing so i cant send and receive from pocketdigi via bluetooth. pocketdigi works fine on the htc and ipaq (both on windows mobile 5) with bluetooth. i curse the iphone and android with their lame ham software, and i hope mr bubnik continues developing pocketdigi for winmo 5/6 as cheap old rugged industrial pdas come onto the ebay market from ex military and utility industries. they all run winmo 5/6 and are great for field work. i look forward to the next release that i hope will include ax25, sstv, weak signal modes, and an aprs function to work with built in gps and pocket openstreetmaps. if your a ham, especially ft817/qrp/manpack/ht operators, you need to buy a winmo device and download this software.

  • Really well done application and an excellent resource for example code. de WA0TTN

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