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README file for Nyquist Version 3.06 13 Jan 2013 Roger B. Dannenberg LICENSE: see license.txt WEB SITE: INSTALLING NYQUIST ==================== You can download pre-compiled versions for Windows and OS X. You can compile Nyquist from sources for Windows, OS X, linux, and other versions of Unix. For details, see one of these files: - sys/win/README.txt - sys/mac/README.txt - sys/unix/README.txt IMPLEMENTATION STATUS ===================== Version 3.06 provides: 64-bit architecture support Access to OGG and FLAC file formats Updates for MSVC++2010, VS2012, XCode 4.5 This is a deadline-driven release. Expect an update soon. Version 3.05 provides: New "UPIC Editor" window in NyquistIDE Fix to escape backslashes in default windows directory Fix to other problems with Preferences Arpeggiator example in nyquist/demos Version 3.04 provides: Updates to libraries, including liblo and PortAudio Documentation uses both syntax SAL and Lisp syntax Some STK instruments have been added Build files modified to make 32-bit code even on 64-bit architectures (Nyquist only runs in 32-bit mode) Version 3.03 provides: Bug fix to Markov pattern generator (see make-markov). Update to current (24-feb-09) liblo library. Slight change to license.txt to comply wiht two LGPL library licenses: libsndfile and liblo. score-sort can sort very big scores now using iterative merge sort Version 3.02 provides: Uses libsndfile and recent version of portaudio. Many bug fixes. Support & compatibility for Algorithmic Composition (to appear) Version 3.01 provides: Feedback FM: see fmfb, snd-fmfb and snd-fmfbv fixed help functions and internal browser window Documentation mostly using SAL syntax now Version 3.00 provides: First release supporting SAL syntax Major revision to documentation (but more to come) Bug fixes for sustain transformation Many new STK instruments ported by Pedro Morales Pedro's sdl music input language Version 2.38 provides: improved PWL editor improved preferences dialog bug fixes in Equalizer editor additional documentation for demos/plight/drums.lsp option click or right click on completion list to get help manual can be displayed in an internal window in jNyqIDE Version 2.37 provides: fix for byte order on Mac PPC that prevented pianosyn.lsp from loading Version 2.36 provides: cross-platform browser launching in jNyqIDE fix search path set by jNyqIDE (OS X-related bug introduced in 2.35) fix bug in slider update code on OS X Version 2.35 provides: fix for Open Sound Control under Windows/jNyqIDE other minor jNyqIDE fixes Version 2.34 provides: fix to ^U (send selection to Nyquist) in jNyqIDE default sound file path for Mac OS X is /tmp Nyquist exits when EOF detected -- try to make orphans abort Version 2.33 provides: additional documentation for Open Sound Control interface and utility programs Version 2.32 provides: envelope editor in jNyqIDE EQ editor in jNyqIDE score editor in jNyqIDE slider support in Nyquist OSC (Open Sound Control) interface OSC test program and serial-to-OSC program drum machine (as separate download) jNyqIDE has pop-up menus and per-file menu bars Version 2.31 provides: new compositional algorithm support in xm.lsp many bug fixes MiniMoog emulator spatialization libraries sound reversal functions Dolby Surround encode/decode Version 2.30 provides: many many changes, bug fixes, enhancements new Java-based IDE: jnyqide LPC analysis/synthesis uses PortAudio for audio I/O changes for Debian Linux compatibility new examples in demos new documentation and html files Version 2.29 provides: new functions: snd-alpassvc, sndalpassvv, snd-eqbandvvv corresponding high-level functions in Nyquist new licenses for both Nyquist and XLISP new NyqIDE implementation fixed BUZZ function various bug and documentation fixes Version 2.28 provides: include indx.html in doc folder (in files.txt) fixed compute-default-sound-file in nyquist.lsp to compute appropriate extension (.wav, .aif) more code to automate win32 releases Version 2.27 provides: makefile.lsp now generates sndfn.wcl & fix to include snd-pluck and some others omittted from 2.26 Version 2.26 provides: bug fix in sampler, negative frequency handling guard against out-of-order events in TIMED-SEQ added FMLFO, an lfo with frequency modulation added SND-SQRT, S-SQRT, SND-ABS, S-ABS functions new NyqIDE version with S-PLOT function (!) NyqIDE has better parsing for paren balancing NyqIDE upgrade to WindowsXP and Delphi 6 NyqIDE increases input string length maximum NyqIDE prompts on save conflict added voice-synthesis demo from Eduardo Miranda corrected absolute path in demos/pmorales/e2.lsp minor documentation and indexing improvements pointer to demo docs goes on start menu now Version 2.25 provides: new way to provide search path: set *SEARCH-PATH* to a string, e.g. (SETF *SEARCH-PATH* "C:/program files/nyquist/runtime,c:/program files/nyquist/lib") allowing Nyquist to be run without setting registry. Version 2.24 provides: text editing for command lines in Linux version Version 2.23 provides: bug fix in (current-path) for Mac fixes to some Mac sources corrupted in 2.22 Version 2.22 provides: documentation (HTML) included in release now bug fix for Mac console output exceeding 32K limit protection from playing very high sample rates in Win32 (crashes in Windows MME library!) change s-save to take :endian rather than :swap parameter pianosyn.lsp runs on the Mac now demos/examples.lsp generates audio with "normal" sample rates Version 2.21 provides: s-plot uses gnu-plot in Linux separation from CVS -- I just couldn't keep beating my head against the wall Version 2.20 provides: improved Macintosh support Version 2.19 provides: integration of Macintosh code (from v2.12) addition of PLUCK and BUZZ synthesis functions Version 2.18 provides: bug fix in midifile read routine under Linux Version 2.17 provides: bug fix for long line input under linux and windows biquad filters hzosc osc-tri osc-saw osc-pulse -- new oscillator variants bug fix for reading in non-AIFF files with 'FORM' headings extension to s-read to support explicit byte-swap parameter Version 2.16 provides: bug fix in tables (lookup oscillators and other functions) Windows GUI version of Nyquist Version 2.15 provides: port to Linux Version 2.5 provides: more signal processing functions Version 2.2 provides: ports to more systems including Win32 (Win95 and NT) bug fixes more signal processing functions improved sound I/O subsystem Version 2.1 provides: bug fixes documentation and code for user extensions Version 2.0 provides: continuous time warps many more functions bug fixes The distribution may contain sources for Nyquist. If not, you got the runtime distribution, and there is a source version available. A number of "source" files are machine generated, including: - many .c and .h files that implement signal processing functions. These are generated by translation system that converts .alg files to .c and .h files. .alg files give high-level descriptions of DSP algorithms. - Makefile.* is generated by "makefile.lsp". The status is: System Status RS6K = RS6000, AIX untested, but used to work NEXT = NeXT 3.0 (Cube) untested, but worked fine on a previous version SGI = ??? untested, but used to work PMAX = Mach 2.5 on Dec workstation untested, but worked in previous version SPARC = Sun Sparc ??? untested - previous version of Nyquist DID work LINUX = Linux tested Win32 tested Mac tested If you have problems running Nyquist on a Unix machine, I'd be happy to help. I can give you advice or if you give me an account, I can log in remotely and install Nyquist for you. If you make corrections yourself, please let me have them so I can put them in the next release. DIRECTORY STRUCTURE =================== cmt - CMU MIDI Toolkit files, used by Nyquist for MIDI File I/O demos - Nyquist demos go here fft - some fft functions lib - .lsp files offering extensions to Nyquist misc - various files and programs used to implement Nyquist nyqsrc - general Nyquist source code (mostly in C) runtime - the Nyquist and XLisp runtime code (mostly in XLisp) sys - system specific files snd - the sound file, sound input, and sound output package test - test code (this is not maintained and may not be in the release) todo - list of things to do (this may not be in the release) tran - descriptor (.alg) files for machine-translated Nyquist code xlisp - sources for Xlisp (these are linked into Nyquist)
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