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  • Committed [r375]

    Finished regression tests for threads, which now seem to work. Next step will be modifying scheduler to allow threads to wait for a precise time interval or wait until a precise time.

  • Committed [r374]

    More work on threads.

  • Committed [r560]

    Many changes to deal with latency properly. This version was used at ISMIR 2017.

  • Committed [r373]

    Added frame to mach, avoiding many many thread->frame lookups.

  • Committed [r372]

    More cleanup -- merged Method and Builtin, removed nearly all slot access except through normal c++ class field access. Removed many typecasts so amount of type checking is increased.

  • Committed [r371]

    More code cleanup.

  • Committed [r370]

    Beginning to add thread support. This version has an extensive revision of built-in types, making all field declarations and access consistent. This version also adds threads, but so far testing ignores threads and the goal has been to get serpent to run as before, only now with the stack of frames pointed to by the thread field of Machine, and Machine::frame has been removed.

  • Committed [r256]

    Fix type-checking bug in score-voice

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