Nagstamon is a Nagios status monitor which resides in systray or desktop (GNOME, KDE, Windows) as floating statusbar to inform you in realtime about the status of your hosts and services. It allows to connect to multiple Nagios based monitors. Currently supported are Nagios, Icinga, Opsview, Op5 Ninja, Check_MK Multisite, Centreon and Thruk.


  • permanently visible on your Desktop to give you an overview about your network status
  • connects to multiple Nagios based servers which can be disabled and enabled as needed
  • support server types are Nagios, Icinga, Opsview, Centreon, Op5Monitor, Check_MK Multisite, Thruk and, experimentally, Zabbix
  • React with customizable actions to host and service problems

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User Reviews

  • Thanks for this tool. I don't find any article on how to install it in Microsoft environement. Can you advide me please? Regards

  • Great tool. We use it in a production environnement. Thanks for the work done here.

  • Great work ! Would really appreciate a Mac version in the future, but on Windows and Linux this is an awesome tool !

  • Good and useful software

  • Excellent application

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Intended Audience

Information Technology, System Administrators

User Interface

Gnome, X Window System (X11), Win32 (MS Windows)

Programming Language