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New OSC partially hidden behind taskbar?

In mpv.conf file, add this line: autofit-larger=88%

Player freezing when switching to fullscreen?

In mpv.conf file, try add this line: angle-flip=no or d3d11-flip=no for D3D11 backend.

Is vapoursynth supported?

Starting build 20171229, it was compiled with vapoursynth. If you want to use vapoursynth's filters, make sure to install vapourysnth and python3 on your own. Portable version should also works. You can read how-to setup here:

Gimme old OSC back!

In mpv.conf file, add this line: script-opts=osc-layout=box,osc-seekbarstyle=slider,osc-deadzonesize=0,osc-minmousemove=3

Source: README.rst, updated 2018-01-04