Media Player Classic - BE is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows.
Media Player Classic - BE is based on the original "Media Player Classic" project (Gabest) and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" project (Casimir666), contains additional features and bug fixes.


  • Playing various video and audio files
  • Support for hardware decoding and deinterlacing
  • Automatically mount ISO images.

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User Reviews

  • MPC-BE is an elegant and deceptively simple looking player, having nearly every feature you'd want in a media player. The only thing that is noticeably missing is documentation, but you can find most things out on your own if you dig a little. Options you didn't know of may be hidden in a menu you haven't looked in yet, so be sure to explore it thoroughly. The player doesn't use a lot of computer resources, and basic command line functionality for it exists should you need it. It is also a huge bonus that there are developers actively working on MPC-BE. The comparison with VLC below is not representative, but I watched it for some time with both playing the same 72-hour playlist (of mp3 files); MPC-BE definitively uses less resources on average: MPC-BE x64 | CPU: 0.04% | RAM: 13.49MB | Disk: < 0.1MB/s | VLC media player (x64) | CPU: 0.21% | RAM: 24.72MB | Disk: < 0.1MB/s | I rate this player a rock solid 19/20.

  • Excellent video player. I use it as a reference control player that should to read all my converted video files correctly. For fast conversion I use Mp4 Video 1 Click for Windows (also could be found on sourceforge).

  • App is good. But I couldn't find how to select different subtitles in .MKV from multiple subs. Also SBS subtitles is a good option to watch a 3D movie with subtitles. If this app is on android please inform...

  • The best player ever! I used MPC-HC but the only thing I hated there was the GUi. MPC - BE is almost perfect player...Only few things I would change 1. OSD when changing the volume while movie is playing is laggy. :/ When movie is paused it is perfect and responsive 2. When choosing the subtitles from the downloaded llist I wish there was an option to only search subtitles in 2 or 3 languages like in MPC-HC.. For me it automatically shows me 8 different languages :/ also it would be cool to be able to download subs in the movie folder like BSplayer does.. and the last: 3. when playing audio files trhe MPC-HC showed nice medium sized album/cover art and the MPC-BE shows tinny picture no matter how big the album picture actually is.. If those things were to be be changed we would finally have the ONE player to RULE them all! :D

  • Interesting alternative to MPC-HC, but missing some basic features from MPC-HC, like: - Repeat option in right-click context menu - Advanced settings section - High precision timer Beside this, there's a annoying problem: when you play a video with the renderer "MPC Audio Renderer", all your videos on browser get stuck, and you can't watch them again until you close the video in MPC-BE. And I would like that, as MPC-HC does, the .png screenshots have no compression. I have taken screenshots from the same frame on MPC-HC and MPC-BE and noticed that the file size was much bigger in MPC-HC, what made me question if MPC-BE decrease the screenshot quality. (“Quality compression” value in screenshot menu is 1, which I believe to be the lowest compression level possible). Also, I suggest to make a download package including LAV Filters + MadVR + XySubFilter for those interested. Furthermore, it would be nice a feature to increase/decrease the subtitle size with keyboard shortcuts.

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