--- I've removed the setup exe because it pulls the app down from a site which is no longer on-line. Once I've refactored it for local distribution I'll put it back. In the meantime you can build the app yourself from the project files if you are so inclined ---

The Media Library Sync is a tool designed for syncing a large media library from a master source to multiple destinations. It allows you to specify which parts of the library you want to sync on which devices.


  • Syncs files from source to destination folders according to sync profiles.
  • Allows sub folders in the source root folder to be manually matched up with sub folders in the destination root folder, making it possible for sub folders with different names to be paired, and for sub folders to be omitted from the sync.
  • Uses complex matching algorithm to automatically pair up sub folders.
  • Colour codes paired up folders to make it easy to identify those which need manual review.
  • Uses drag and drop to facilitate manual pairing up of sub folders.
  • Allows 2 source folders to be sync'd to 1 destination folder, one as a master and one as a secondary source.
  • Has a facility for specifying which file types should be sync'd according to their file extension.
  • Filters for source folders that begin with a particular word or phrase.
  • Allows the user to include or exclude specific files on each sync.
  • Excludes files from the update which have a time difference less than a specified amount (handy if time stamp is different on different machines).

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