Eloquent is a powerful Bible study tool for Mac OS X, supporting features such as services, to access the Bible in any program. It uses the Sword Library to work with bible texts, commentaries, dictionaries.

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User Reviews

  • I use MacSword 1.4.4 every day. I absolutely love it. If there are quirks, I've worked around them. Eloquent is decent, too, but I like using the space bar to scroll down. For both MS and E I like the keyboard shortcuts to navigate. For both I like the Sword project inter-usablity, that is, Eloquent, MacSword, Bible Desktop, Alkitab, all use the same file directory, so whatever modules I've downloaded for one is accessed by the other programs automatically. It's for the Bible, and it keeps it simple. I use Murasaki to read epub commentaries side by side, so having Window Tidy is very useful to quickly scale and place the windows for study. It's why I love using Mac. Not iOS, mind you, just OSX, I've contacted Manfred via his email, he is very helpful.

  • Klunky interface. Not nearly as good as the old MacSword. Everything is stuffed into a single window. Ugh. Too bad MacSword was killed for this.

  • very good project

  • I have been using MacSword for some time (several years) and I like this version way better than the last. Yes it has some flaws, like the indexing is painful, there might be some memory leaks and threading issues, but all in all it is great. Great job guys!

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Afrikaans, Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Intended Audience

End Users/Desktop, Other Audience, Religion

User Interface

Cocoa (MacOS X)

Programming Language

Objective C