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Changes in Junicode 0.7.3: * Junicode-Bold, Junicode-Italic, Junicode-BoldItalic: Swashes (for Middle English) for all 4 faces * All: Improvements for Turkish (including dotted small-cap i). These should be automatic via locl. * All: Improved shape of dcaron, tcaron, lcaron (with kerning) for Eastern European languages * Junicode-Bold: small caps for bold face * Junicode-Bold, Junicode-BoldItalic: added capital Eszett, U+1E9E * Junicode-Regular, Junicode-Bold: small cap Eszett when c2sc is applied to U+1E9E * Junicode-Regular, Junicode-Italic, Junicode-Bold: IPA shapes of beta, theta available at U+701, U+702 (and alternative omega in regular at U+703). Preferred method of accessing these is still via standard beta and theta + mgrk * All: arrows at U+2190 - U+2193; emptyset at U+2205 * All: f.alt accessible via salt * All: kern f + exclam * All: obsolete MUFI code points removed; these codes may be reused. * All: minimal Panose values * All: additional small caps for Eastern European languages * All: additional small caps for Turkish * Junicode-Bold, Junicode-Italic, Junicode-BoldItalic: more MUFI characters here and there * Junicode-Regular, Junicode-Italic: some filling in of Latin Extended B * Junicode-Regular, Junicode-Italic: deleted s03 lookup * Junicode-Regular: A number of Fleurons in retired MUFI code points in the PUA * Junicode-Regular: continuing to add Greek historic ligatures. Try omicron + upsilon, epsilon + iota, alpha + iota, alpha + upsilon, with various accents. * Junicode-Regular: reordered GPOS kern lookups to fix a problem in Scribus
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