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    This glyph has no anchor for mark positioning at present (the policy of Junicode is to provide anchors where they're obviously needed or where users request them). I'll add one and post a corrected version when I've got the opportunity (a week or two).

  • Posted a comment on ticket #54 on Junicode font

    That is certainly a possible form, but position of the squiggle in Junicode is well attested: see e.g. this example from the Gutenberg Bible. Junicode does have several variant shapes of glyphs--mainly when these are mandated by MUFI, or for backwards compatibility when the Junicode design itself has changed. But I am reluctant to admit too many variant shapes, for the purpose of a font like this is not to enable editors to reproduce the look of their sources, but rather the meaning. There is no...

  • Committed [ccfcb6]

    Refined caps B C

  • Committed [8a0780]

    More caps

  • Committed [6466ee]

    Version to 1.001

  • Committed [bb61c0]

    Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

  • Committed [bdefcf]

    More caps

  • Modified ticket #39 on Junicode font

    Incorrect combining mark positions

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