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Junicode 0.6.14 released

This last release in the 0.6 series contains all MUFI alphabetic characters. It also adds OpenType features especially to support MUFI: enlarged minuscules, overlines with roman numbers, underdotted (deleted) text, and an alternative shape of yogh can all be produced via Style Sets; support for diacritics via ccmp, mark and mkmk has been expanded, and support for MUFI ligatures via hlig (Historical Ligatures) has also been expanded. See the documentation for recommendations concerning MUFI characters.

Posted by Peter Baker 2007-06-07

Junicode 0.6.13 released

This release continues to add characters from the MUFI recommendation to benefit medievalists. Many messy outlines have been cleaned up, improving efficiency and reducing the likelihood of bugs. Most of the goodies in this release are for users of OpenType-aware programs such as InDesign and XeTeX: the OpenType features list has been thoroughly worked over and rationalized, and consistency imposed across all four faces (though it is still true that there are more OpenType features in Regular than in the other three). Use of ccmp, mark and mkmk has been greatly expanded, making use of combining diacritics more practical than before. Many MUFI glyphs have been made accessible via OpenType features, especially ccmp (for glyph+diacritic combination) and hlig (Historical Ligatures). Fractions, Roman numbers, subscripts and the various "Enclosed Alphanumerics" have been made accessible as ligatures (either liga, Standard Ligatures, or dlig, Discretionary Ligatures).

Posted by Peter Baker 2007-05-01

Junicode 0.6.12

Junicode 0.6.12 has just been released. It now includes a new Greek face based on a classic eighteenth-century design by Alexander Wilson of Glasgow; visual improvements; and many new OpenType features.

Posted by Peter Baker 2006-10-06

Junicode 0.6.11

This is a bug fix release which corrects a faulty FullName field in the BoldItalic name table. It is unlikely to affect any but Mac users.

Posted by Peter Baker 2006-04-10

Junicode 0.6.10

This release adds an fj ligature and several long s ligatures in all faces. It contains an important bug fix in the programming of the slash character. The current character count in the regular style is 1926.

Posted by Peter Baker 2006-04-07

Junicode 0.6.9

This release adds Nordic shapes of Thorn, thorn and eth: these are similar to the shapes normally found in modern fonts. Users of OpenType-aware applications (such as InDesign and Mellel) can access them by selecting Stylistic Set 1. This also adds Stylistic Set 2, which displays old-style Old English letter-shapes in lowercase. Many other OpenType features added, especially Stylistic Alternates for many standard alphabetic characters. Added various ligatures (fj at E18A and various longs ligatures at E1A6-E1AD) and also OpenType features for these. Added small caps with diacritics at F7E0-F7FF. Note that the locations of all these added characters match those used by Adobe.

Posted by Peter Baker 2006-04-03

Junicode 0.6.8

Junicode 0.6.8 makes significant progress towards completion of the MUFI 1.0 standard, completing subranges 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 30, and 31 in the regular style. This release also adds Icelandic-style thorns.

Posted by Peter Baker 2006-03-28

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