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GLeDitor Changelog v. - major bug fixing - improved 'xml beautify' function - improved opening of more than one file when dragged over the editor window - under appropriate circumstances, when a document is modified and not saved, GLeDitor asks to save. Changelog v. - fixed bug in 'save as...' - added function to drag files over GLeDitor form in order to open them - when called 'new', now GLeDitor try to save the current file (if not already saved) - minor bug fixes Changelog v. 2.5.4: - convert end-line terminator to CR/LF (standard for DOS/Windows) - convert end-line terminator to LF (Unix, GNU/Linux, MacOS X) - convert end-line terminator to CR (other legacy systems) - minor bug fixes Changelog v. 2.5.3: - new icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane ( - block indentation - minor bug fixes
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