VariIconsRevolve is an Icon and Small graphics editor suite which allows you to create and modify icons with frames up to 256x256 size using 22 pixel and vector tools, effects and a variable gradient filling. now localized for english and german!


  • create standart-conform .ico files
  • import / export frames in usual formats
  • paint and construct using 22 vector tools
  • apply color and gradient fills
  • apply effects to images
  • resizing and export helpers

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User Reviews

  • Well... Still a way to go to reach the functionality of even an outdated version of IconFX. That's good to have an open source alternative that at least allows to do the bare minimum i.e. creating ico files. But AFAIK you can't do the following: - Create icon libraries. - Auto generate other icon size from one icon (goes with above functionality). - Do not embed a handy resource editor as in IcoFX. - Zoom in/out the image. The look and feel is rather outdated but that's secondary. All the fancy effects from IcoFX are useless if you ask me so this is only extra. I'd rather prepare the PNG files prior to import them. What is already in VIE is way enough should you wish to adjust the image a bit. So it is lacking a few functionalities but that is promising for the future. Keep up the good work. I will keep IcoFX until then.

  • It's a basic editor but I was easily able to copy some bitmaps over, size them, apply some transparency, and save them for some functional icons. If you have used microsoft paint then you don't even need a help file, it is all intuitive!

  • It is very, very raw.

  • It's quite annoying to use. It lacks pretty basic features that you'd expect in any program since the 1990s: you apparently cannot save the file with another name (you can only overwrite the original file), you cannot drag files to open them, it doesn't have a "Recent files" list... Also, many toolbar buttons don't have any tooltip of help that informs about their purpose (except the most obvious ones). The program has not been updated since 2011 (despite what SourceForge claims), the domain is for sale... Honestly, I wouldn't recommend starting using it.

  • 16x16 editing is not working! This program is really annoying!

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Win32 (MS Windows)

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