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This directory contains a hand-made snapshot of the latest version of Garnet at the time it was made. The 20150319 version contains a number of bug fixes. Declarations have been incorporated in the hopes of improving overall performance. Garnet currently works under the following versions of Lisp: ACL (tested under 8.1 and 8.2) --- basically works with a few glitches (e.g. a long-standing problem with the pixmap code). CCL --- Works reliably. CMUCL --- Works reliably. SBCL --- The fastest version and works reliably. Development is continuing in fits and starts. A possibly newer version may be available through SVN: svn checkout svn:// garnetlisp-svn garnetlisp-old contains old versions of Garnet. tour.pdf and tutorial.pdf are from the excellent Garnet documentation. They will give you an idea of the features of Garnet and how it works.
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