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  • Committed [r70911]

    fix output of help menu

  • Committed [r70909]

    don't quit after a successful debug value setting

  • Committed [r70905]

    plot3-dm uses bu_brlcad_data, so it should bu_setprogname

  • Committed [r70902]

    Forgot bu_setprogname for gcv

  • Committed [r70899]

    CPACK, not CMAKE

  • Committed [r70898]

    Have default NSIS install directory use BRL-CAD, not BRLCAD

  • Committed [r70897]

    fix distcheck

  • Committed [r70896]

    gcv tries to support an Imagemagick '{format}:' prefix syntax for specifying file type, but Windows makes this problematic with its {drive letter}: style of path. Because of this path style being a valid path specifier, we can't support single letter format prefixes without introducing ambiguity. Ironically, the only CAD mime type with a single letter mapping we have defined currently (i.e. the only specification this might actually break) is the .g file. So, as an alternative, we add an a...

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