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EGroupware is a multi-user, web-based groupware suite. Currently available modules include: email, addressbook, calendar, infolog (notes, to-do's, phone calls), content management, wiki, project management, tracker, timesheet, knowledge base, CalDAV/CardDAV

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User Reviews

  • We have been using EGW in our company since 2008 and I can strongly recommend it. We employ the Group Calendar, the Task Manager, the Address Book, the Wiki, the Bugtracker and other EGW applications. In addition to that, we developed a fully-fledged translation management system (TMS) based on EGW, i.e. using EGW and its modules as our development platform. Our TMS has modules for client management, provider management, price list management, quote management, project management, provider and client invoice management, performance management, linguistic resource management. It interfaces with translation memory systems and accounting software, features a client and a provider portal and has workflow automation features.

  • It's very good, but this ver.14.2, i can not edit ACL of Admin Group and Admin User after installing and first step of configuration setup !!! What going on?

  • Very good groupware by the set of features. Unfortunately I couldn't get the mail module to work in version 14.1 (with a standard setup and installing packages from the source list), always ending up with "emailadmin_imapbase::openConnection (841) ->open connection for Server with profileID:8 failed! Tried to access unknown attribute 'capability'!". That's mission-critical but maybe they manage to fix this issue. I am furthermore missing SyncML which was abandonned after version 1.8. However it is one of the very few solutions that supports CalDAV and CardDAV. One should be prepared to spend quite a time for the configuration. There is no manual, just a (quite minimalistic) setup tutorial. I don't know whether paying customers get some documentation.

  • We are a small company that for the last four years has used eGroupware 1.8 for collaboration. It was selected after testing all the major groupware solutions and it has met all our expectations. It has proved to be reliable with 100% uptime and upgrades have worked without issues. The documentation is limited and it takes some skills and searching to get everything setup correctly. It is well worth buying the eGroupware Manual. The strength of eGroupware is that all the modules integrate. You can for instance plan and manage a project in the Project Manager module and link to resources tracked in the Resources module. Emails related to the project can be linked to the project from within the Email Module. If the users have the necessary discipline to link/tag things correctly eGroupware is a very powerful tool for collaboration. If you don't need to integrate/link different types of data then other stand alone programs may be a better option. There are more modules available than we need in our company. On one hand it is a good thing because it increase the flexibility and enable growth. On the other hand it means that some of the modules are based on rather old code. For instance the Gallery application is currently based on PHP Gallery version 2 which is too old for our use. We use the calendar module for shared calendars and for scheduling meetings. When entering an event you can decide who should be able to see it and who can edit it, so it is easy to have both company and private calendars in eGroupware without compromising privacy. We use the Infolog module for todo lists and for tracking progress on non-scheduled tasks. The address book module is used for shared as well as private address books. The good support for caldav and carddav makes it easy to keep calendars, todo lists (called infolog) in sync between numerous Windows and Linux PCs as well as Android phones. Other platforms are supported too but we haven't tried them. On PCs we use Thunderbird with the lighting add-on for accessing calendar and to-do lists, and the Inverse SOGo connector for accessing address books. We use the knowledge base module for documenting procedures and routines. The resources modules is used for keeping track of company assets. It also functions as a booking module, e.g. for booking a projector or other equipment for an event. We have shared document repositories and sometimes use the Filemanager for managing them. Since eGroupware supports webdav we usually work with shares mounted locally, i.e. in Dropbox style. We also have a few ftp accessible directories that are mounted in eGroupware. Unlike Dropbox there is no file versioning in the free version of eGroupware. One advantage over Dropbox is that the files are fully under company control. We have used the Project Manager module for planning and managing a few projects. It works well but not as good as stand alone programs. On the other hand is has the advantage of integrating with all the resources in on eGroupware modules which saves a lot of time. We have experimented the Site Manager module for the company website but found it too limited. There are more modules available that we don't use, including chat, email, news (RSS), bug tracker, time sheets, wiki, polls etc.

  • Email module is very useful.

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