Fast and user-friendly free tool for drivers's backup, restoration and removal with command line options, automatic restoration from CD\DVD and path formatting. DriverBackup! includes also an interactive command line builder.


  • Backup & restore of windows drivers
  • Drivers' backup from offline or non-booting system
  • Unknown device recognition
  • Command line switches with integrated command line builder
  • Compatible with 64 bit systems
  • Automatic generation of autorun files for drivers' restoration
  • No installation required

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User Reviews

  • If it restored anything, I can't tell. I needed to recover all my drivers from an old backup and port them to my current setup (same system/OS). Everything backed up okay (creating a 440MB file), but when I attempt a restore, there is no message afterwards tell you if the restore completed. About 1 second of disk activity (too quick to read/restore 440MB worth of files) and no message telling me what was done... if anything. If the restoration was a success or failed, it would be nice if the program told me so. :(

  • The program works perfect and I was thinking of donate, Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit I can´t maximize the program. It shows a little window that can´t be modified. Sorry but when it gets fixed I´ll donate.

  • Perfect

  • The idea is good, but with the command "Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination D: \ DriverBackup" in powershell anyone backs up today, Can I get a better idea? I for example today installed Windows 10 {version 1693 or 10.0.14393} on my Mac Mini {core2Duo of the year 2007}, I have 8GB Ram and an Intel SSD of 1 TiB, and I noticed that I had 4 yellow questions in the DEVMGMT.MSC , Then I researched my drivers on Windows Update, searched for DriverPackSolutions, DriverEasy, DriverMax, SlimDrivers, SnapDrivers, Maconfig and 3DP, and in none of them did I find my Sound Driver, I finally found my Sound Driver on the Apple Website using Google To search for the Ven & Dev description of the hardware ... and I found the drivers for the 4 devices with Yellow interrogation, but today I made a backup of Drivers ... and I realize that, just as I searched all these Driver programs today and not There were none of those 4 Drivers that I needed and I also had many bad experiences of missing drivers in these programs for many of my peripherals {and I've been an advanced user for some time} so I realize that it would actually be much better for me If my Backup of the Drivers that I have installed on my computer are shared with other users and not only I have them, that is, there should be a "Cloud" where after finishing the backup of my Driver backup program enter Contact the "cloud" and check if there is already a copy of my drivers in the Cloud that I just backed up, and if there is not {eg my Sound Driver, or any other Driver, then the backup program will Folder in which the backup was saved, and specifically in the driver folder for the specific hardware that needs to be uploaded to the cloud, and make a copy {to a temporary folder, and then those drivers will be compressed and then sent to the Cloud this copy of my Drivers, so that the next time I format my computer I can run the program from you and the Drivers that I need the program to Download the Cloud to my computer {for each driver that I need it, one by one, and then the program itself after finishing the download it also unzip the folder and copy the file DPinst.exe into it and then execute the driver installation ... or instead the program execute Directly installing the driver by another method {eg using the command line "upnputils" or another command ....So that each time people use the program to back up Drivers this cloud will receive a copy {of new Drivers files only, not repetitions} and in this way some computers that no longer have the motherboard CD { People lose the CD} will have their Drivers better kept {in the cloud} and people will all be helping other people {even without knowing it}, and for example a service could be installed in the services.msc list or a Program at startup windows, or a scheduled task, sometimes this program run in the dark and check if the computer already has some new driver, either because it has installed some new hardware or because of some other driver update program That the person has executed and then has installed newer drivers on the computer ... that is ... with each new version driver these new drivers will be sent to the cloud {compressed, that is, very small} and so Being a system that grows alone, they should think about doing something like this, it would help everyone, and it would be something immortal, that would not depend on people to leave the database updated, think about it, there is a key in regedit that informs if the Driver is well installed or has a problem, this key could be analyzed by the program, and so only uploads of non-repeated drivers that are really well installed and working without problems, this would guarantee the integrity, in addition this upload when being received By a server could already be uploaded into the folder of the operating system of the computer where the backup was made, {for example: Win7x32 or Win10x32 or Win10x64 etc} and then the driver could be renamed to contain in its name the Date and time the backup was sent to the server, and also receive a unique ID number that contains the Ven & Dev of the first line in the compatible hardware IDs as the driver name, to serve as identification in the future and thus be easy The person can find the driver even if the person is using a different version of windows but even so the person wants to download the driver to try and install it ... then having the driver name as the Ven & Dev itself would be a great idea . I know that the drivers are compatible with several hardware IDs, however, just to speed up searches you can put the driver name as the Ven_Dev of the hardware ID that the driver .INF file has first in your list. In addition, you can have an automated system that creates rsync or bittorrentsync shares for each Driver, and so the magnet link ID generated by bittorrentsync for example can be automatically added to a mysql database, and this database Data to be accessed by the driver backup program that people install on their computers, so the program when scanning the computer will find the hardware IDs already referenced in this database for a magnet link, which this sim will be used for To bring to the person's computer the drivers to be installed, that is, through synchronization {which in practice will be downloaded} and in this way the computers of millions of people will be used to help distribute the drivers to each other, and this So only the drivers needed to be installed on the person's computer would be downloaded, avoiding making other downlaods needlessly unnecessary drivers that will not be for the person's computer {DriverPack Solutions and other programs do this, download a package containing several drivers and They do not use 1% of the size that was downloaded, since the way I'm talking would be downloaded only what is really going to be used .... so it would be much faster, and in local networks it would be something extremely fast if there are several Hardwares the same, because with the synchronization technology the download would be done once and passed on to the other computers in the local network without spending internet again, .. would be great, can you start doing something like this that I said?

  • Ugly looking and not talkative, but works better than the pretty ones! I used it on Windows 8.1 Pro x64 today with great success. Thanks a lot developer! DriverBackup! made a logically named folder "Drivers ACER7560G 04-14-2015", on my USB-drive, and sub-folders logically named after the devices. I can restore the drivers by pointing at the folder from Windows Device Manager, individually by folder, or by the automatic restore routine that was made under my parent folder Drivers. I will highly recommend DriverBackup! But,- be patient. It takes a short while before you'll see something happening, DriverBackup! isn't talkative while working. It seems rather dumb, but don't let that fool you. DriverBackup works! Fred H.

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