gdeptrace sorts an input dependancy list or table and prints it, and can do other actions. It's default operation is to act like tsort (1) except that it sorts by pure pkg / make dependancy (tsort sorts by grapical topology: see notes about differences).


$ echo -e "b e\ne\nc b" | sort -k1,1 | gdeptrace [opts]

(b depends on e, c depends on b, e has no depends)

(also: e has more items depending on it and is below anything it depends on; in this case the top, all and only by the rules known and given, in order by given where equal)

$ echo -e "b e\ne\nc b" | depsort
ditto, no opts needed

$ libdeps objdump /lib/*.so.*
(outputs if missing, load order (deps), rdeps, which are effected by missing lib/s, etc, see readme)

$ doil
(a package installer/solver like apt-get+dpkg which uses gdeptrace, see doil on Source Forge)

dep-trace is now "gdeptrace" to ease packaging compatibility


  • dep-trace is fast on millions of dependancy items, depends on only libc, small, shows RDeps or other tables.
  • dep-trace is now named gdeptrace
  • depsort (incl) wrapper use gdeptrace for large admin tasks easily
  • libdeps (incl) is like ldd(1) but with highly different depends listings
  • loops: does not have tsort's loop pause/dis-order and can can show loops tabled
  • has virtual dep input file ability (doil on Source Forge web page)
  • for printed tables has dependancy order for both Left and Right (Inner)
  • GENERAL USE - works with simple text labels in simple Lefts and Rights manner
  • (note: examples/(debian only) moved, it is now doil on Source Forge)
  • gdeptrace has a luckily short ChangeLog
  • depsort+nm can generate 275 M table of all X11R7 symbols in all *.o in seconds

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