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dahdiHW-xxxx.wbm.gz Webmin - Dahdi HW Module Author: Eugene Blanchard Date: March 30, 2012 Version 0.97.1 Beta Software - use at your own risk The latest version is dahdiHW-0971.wbm.gz You can download it by going to the Files option of the Webmin - Dahdi HW Module Sourceforge page and clicking on the file to download it. For the latest information on installing the module in FreePBX go to the Wiki - How to Install page To install Webmin - Dahdi HW module, go to Webmin - Webmin Configuration - Webmin Modules - Install from - "From uploaded File", then select "Install Module". It will appear under the Hardware tab. ** Bonus Scripts ** These are scripts that you can download to your Linux server that will print out a wealth of information that will aid in troubleshooting with Xorcom Astribanks. To run these scripts you must make them executable. xpp__zap_conf - script to gather Zaptel configuration info about Xorcom Astribank to send to support xpp_dahdi_conf - script to gather Dahdi configuration info about Xorcom Astribank to send to support
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