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ComicsMaster is now Qt5 only. Version 0071 is mostly a bugfix release. Installation: In ComicMaster root folder: cmake . make make install <---- as root This will install ComicMaster in /usr/local/bin Experimental: cmake . make package This should create a ComicMaster.*.deb archive suitable for Debian/Ubuntu. Not tested, yet. Currently I don't have a Debian/Ubuntu machine. It is still experimental. There wasn't much demand for .rpm or .deb packages, so providing those is not worth the effort. Looks like Linux users are absolutely confortable with compiling from a source package. cmake takes two more optional parameters: CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX and DATABASE With CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX the installation path can be changed: cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/opt" . make make install Now ComicMaster will be installed in /opt/bin With cmake -D DATABASE="1" . make make install not only the ComicMaster binary will be created, but also an optional plugin. This plugin adds support for a PostgreSQL database. I cannot recommend to use this feature, yet, unless to help me develop it, e.g. by sending me feature requests and bugreport.
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