CollectD-CSV Plotter is a web interface for fetching and visualizing data that is saved in CollectD CSV format. An HTML form is used for defining the time interval and choosing the wanted measurements. The plotter is actually a front-end for collectd-csv module (, which it uses for fetching the data.
Technologies CollectD-CSV Plotter uses include CGI/Python, HTML5/JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery-UI and Gnuplot.


  • Two input modes for time: “The last XX hours, YY minutes and ZZ seconds” or from - to
  • Three shortcuts for time: (The last) 15 minutes / hour / day
  • Two input modes for from-to: Date/time or epochs (seconds from 1970-01-01 00:00:00)
  • Conversion of time input when changing between input modes
  • Persistent state of input
  • Using several regular expressions for selecting measurements
  • Continuous refresh (every 20 seconds) of plots
  • Saving CSV data to a file (single measurement or all loaded measurements)

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