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Cgreen simplifies unittesting and mocking in C and C++. Features include composite test suites, each test can be run in it's own process, trapping of hung tests, setup and teardown, extensible interface, support for mocking functions and automatic discovery of tests.


  • Fluent assert/constraint/mock interface
  • Mocking of functions
  • Each test is run in it's own process
  • Traps hung tests
  • Composite test suites
  • Set up and tear down xUnit style
  • Extensible interface
  • Optional BDD style with Subject Under Test

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User Reviews

  • It seems like this application is great for testing, but there are some issues that are preventing a better review. First is that most of the binary packages are missing a header file to get a test working. The package is available in the src package. The instructions for building the source also don't appear to work. I am wondering if something minor is missing.

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  • I compared a lot of free unit test frameworks. an important point was that the test should continue after an illegal memory operation has been commited. most of the frame works died or became unpredictable even if they detected the segfault. cgreen and libu did the best job. since cgreen has additional mocking features, this one became my favorite.

  • Thumbs up! will try to contribute

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