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goal ---- the goal of this project is to write another file integrity checker : - portable without any change to all common os (unix, windows) - with a minimum of dependencies - quick - config file with exceptions and "jokers" - display new, delete and modified files - use by any user - any number of base and config files - syntaxe close from aide's or tripwire's one history ------- I was using integrity checking tools on linux (aide) for a long time. So when I got my first PC on windows, I search for a similar tool (freeshmeat), but do not find anything ready to use. I then decided to write my own, with the goal below. my choice are : perl as language : for portability, no need to compile, acces to source code MD5 for checksum : quick and in perl standard package sdbm database for storage : not clear text, ease of use I test it on windows XP, redhat linux 7.1 and 7.3 and it seems as fast as a C tool (aide) (see config file format : -------------------- see afick.conf man page or comments in config file sample (linux.conf, windows.conf) usage ----- 1) first choice what you want to check. a base is given in file - windows.conf (for windows xp) - linux.conf (for linux) you may edit and modify this file for your needs (please send me your changes if they may help others users) 2) then create the database : ./afick -c your_config_file -i 3) compare regulary your filee with the database (each day ?). You have 3 possibilities : 3.1) just check some files ./afick -c your_config_file -l "file1 $file2 ...filen" 3.2) check all your config ./afick -c your_config_file -k 3.3) check your config and update the database ./afick -c your_config_file -u 4) you can print the content of the database with ./afick -c your_config_file -p main site --------- the main page for afick project is -- $Id: README 869 2006-07-10 11:21:46Z gerbier $
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