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this documentation will try to explain how to use afick on cdrom. Afick will need some special configuration and use : 1) first edit and configure the cdrom.conf file (given as example) - the new option allow_relativepath must be set to true - you have to choose if you want to keep history and archive : the path must be set to hard disk, not on cdrom. If you do not want some, just comment it in cdrom.conf - check the ignore_case directive - file list to check is empty, you can add files as usual if you want to check system files (no relocation) - if you want to check files/directory which may be relocated on target, you will have to use a new special syntaxe : @directory CdRule (directory must begin by @) 2) set the AFICK_CHROOT environment variable, and run the (linux) or create_db_cd.cmd (windows) script to create the database 3) you can check the content of the database with the following command : ./ -c ./afick.conf -p 4) build your cdrom with all files from this directory 5) to have a check from a cdrom, set the AFICK_CHROOT environment variable, and run the script (linux) or check_db_cd.cmd (windows) -- Version 1.0 Eric Gerbier
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