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New version

We've swiftly landed V 1.5.3. See README.txt for details :)

Posted by Will Godfrey 2017-08-21


Unfortunately a regression crept into kit mode that prevented you from changing selected effects for an individual kit. This was thought to be important enough to justify a bugfix release.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2017-06-22


In the current master scales, tunings and keymaps are undergoing a major overhaul. There is clearer error reporting, safer fall-back positions, and preparations for full command line access.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2017-06-18

Out now LAC2017 special edition

That's version 1.5.2 with more goodies and extensions

Posted by Will Godfrey 2017-05-12

Bugfix release

Unfortunately a rather obscure bug crept in that although quite rare, we thought important enough to release a fixed version :(
We'll try to do better next time :)

Posted by Will Godfrey 2017-04-09

Jenny Wren

Well here we are. Our latest version has a number of useful refinements to MIDI-learn, gained from the experience and feedback from some of our users.

There are also refinements to the tooltips and various other features (as noted in the README file).

There is still plenty more for us to do, so as usual, watch this space :)

Posted by Will Godfrey 2017-03-31


There are lots of improvements and new features coming in the next release. This is targetted for late March or early April. Most of these are already in the current 'master', so if you can't wait, build it and have a play :)

Posted by Will Godfrey 2017-02-23

A Christmas gift!

An all new and shiny Yoshimi V 1.5.0 is what we have for you. There have been a lot of developments but the (long overdue) one that is the star of the show is MIDI-learn, and a very full implimentation it is too. The new screenshot should give you some idea of its capabilities.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2016-12-17


There are quite a few features due to surface in the next release. Some minor, some finally answering feature request and one quite major development.

Watch this space :)

Posted by Will Godfrey 2016-12-02

Ongoing work

Version 1.4.1 has been out for a few weeks now and has been accepted by all the main distributions, so now we are concentrating on more background development. The main focus currently is to get the command line interface to have full compatibility with the graphic one, and to ensure that neither interface can disrupt the real-time audio thread.

This won't be visible to most users, but no doubt other small improvements will appear from time to time.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2016-09-22

Bug :(

Unfortunately, in spite of all our efforts a build bug slipped through. It won't affect most of you, but if you get a build failure, try V

Posted by Will Godfrey 2016-06-15

Diamond Dove

That's the new version 1.4.0.

This is a landmark release. Not only is vector crontol now fully rounded, accessible via NRPNs the Command Line and the Graphical interface, but settings can be easily saved and loaded, so we have pretty much put the feature to bed :)

The Graphical interface has had a makeover. It is more self-consistent, and generally clearer.

At the same time there is a lot of work going on within the code and during the 1.4.x series you should see the results of this slowly filter in and improving both usability and performance.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2016-06-15


For this bird to really sing we made sure it would build correctly in the latest GCC version. Most distros are moving to GCC-6 and this is far more fussy than earlier ones.

Unfortunately this slowed down other developments but we are still moving forwards.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2016-02-28

Build Problems?

If you are unable to build due to a segfault when runing cmake, upgrade to yoshimi- where we have a workaround for this. So far it only seems to affect debian testing.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2016-01-22

The Swan

Our latest release (1.3.8) has a code name! It also has a lot of usability improvements - right across the board.

The command line is a seriously capable interface now - and will be carefully developed for maximum usability.

Yoshimi is far more convenient, with remembered preferences for MIDI, audio and your working environment.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2016-01-14

A time for smaller things

Yoshimi 1.3.7 is another consolidating release. Nothing dramatic, but general usability enhancements. Probably the most significant one is that command line access has moved from being a proof of concept to a real usable feature. It still has a long way to go though. A nice addition is that window locations are mostly remembered now which makes organising your desktop just that little bit easier.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2015-11-16

A new direction

Astute observers will have noticed we have version 1.3.6 out in the wild now. There is the usual block of updates and developments.

However, this release has a very specific focus. Enabling access to those who can't, or don't want to access Yoshimi via the GUI. The basic code is there and fully functional. We will be developing the interface based on feedback from users, so the specific commands may change. Also the code is currently not the most efficient so that is likely to change quite a bit too.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2015-09-29

Moving Target

V 1.3.5 brings together a lot of features that have been quietly bubbling on the back burner for some time. All of these use standard controls available on any MIDI sequencer or controller/keyboard. Along with this we have implemented a number of usability suggestions made at LAC 2015.

We are still slowly improving the underlying code, taking great care that nothing we do detracts from the quality of sound. All your existing patches should look and sound just as they always have.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2015-06-15

LAC 2015

At the Linux Audio Conference this year I presented a workshop covering the common features of Zyn/Yoshi, but from a musician's viewpoint rather than a technical one. I'm pleased to say it was well received, and later I had many enquiries about Yoshimi itself. There was great interest in LV2 support and a number of interesting suggestions for improving the user interface.

In Yoshimi there are quite a few features that many people seem to be unaware of. Partly this is due to the fact that some of these have only been implemented in the last few months. Documentation is admittedly thin, but there are notes in the the Docs directory.... read more

Posted by Will Godfrey 2015-04-14

New year - New Yoshimi

It's going to be a busy time for us.

Work is underway to create a common command structure that will allow a much greater range of control methods, alternative user interfaces and future extensions.

The instrument bank setup is also undergoing considerable improvement, and will become much more flexible with definitive bank and bank root setting. It will also allow MIDI setting of bank roots and tie in with the new command structure.... read more

Posted by Will Godfrey 2015-01-03

Something New

Well, quite a lot of somethings actually.

With the next release (very soon) Yoshimi will look better, will be more user friendy, more informative, but in particular will be capable of being used as an LV2 plugin.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2014-11-27

Onwards and Upwards!

A welcome to Andrew onto the team. Development moves up a gear.

After a brief survey, it's clear that ALSA MIDI is far from dead, so yoshimi continues to support it fully.

Quite a lot of unseen 'plumbing' in progress at the moment. Should make little visible difference at first, but the code gets steadily better, Xruns become less likely and hooks are in place for some nice enhancements.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2014-11-05


In the next version there will be some usability enhancements, GUI tidy-ups, along with removal of a few bugs and speed bumps, also there will be some compatibility improvements with our parent, Zyn.

Yoshimi's development of individual part outputs, bank and program changes, are just about how everyone wanted them.

These are all in the current master branch.

Finally, we are experimenting with 'naturalising' the sound by giving each note a tiny pitch randomisation. Like everything we are doing, this will be user selectable.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2014-08-14

To ALSA or not to ALSA

In discussions at this year's Linux Audio Conference a bit of a question mark was raised over ALSA MIDI support. A lot of people seem to be giving this up and relying on bridges like a2jmidi for legacy software and hardware inputs. Jack MIDI is already
synchronous so should be jitter-free whereas ALSA MIDI runs on a 'best effort' basis. Added to which Jack is available for OS X and Windows so concentrating on this could make a possible port to other platforms more attractive - not to me I hasten to add!... read more

Posted by Will Godfrey 2014-05-17

Congrats to Will!

We wish to congratulate Will on the release of 1.2.0 !!!

Posted by Jonathan E. Brickman 2014-03-18