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Version 8.161 Released

I've released 8.161

It contains stuff from befre the hiatus (bugs plus a couple of archetypes rom Advanced Class Origins), plus I did a quick run through the accumulated bugs and fixed the ones that looked quick to fix

Good gaming,

Posted by Daniel 2017-05-21

I am back

Hello, I am back.

Posted by Daniel 2017-05-17

no update this week

Sorry, no update this week, things have been busy.
Should be next week.


Posted by Daniel 2017-03-13

Status Report

Hello all,

Things have been a little slow recently.

In the short term that's because I'm currently in a different city due to the holidays.

In the longer term it's because my daughter is now at the age where she's crawling about everywhere, and she's now pulling herself up on stuff, so she needs constant vigilance to stop her from eating stuff, destroying stuff, falling down steps, etc. She is pretty cute though.... read more

Posted by Daniel 2016-12-27

Version 8.156 Announcement and Release Notes

Version 8.156 is out. Just bugfixes this one as last release was late.

Posted by Daniel 2016-11-30

Version 8.155 Announcement and Release Notes

8.155 is released.

Unchained Monk is in, but I need to do descriptions and effects for the Ki Powers and Style Strikes.
Started on Advanced Class Origins - have just added the Traits so far.

Have a great week,

Release Notes

• Fixed Bug #2560 - Temp ability mods now display on Front page.
• Fixed Bug #2568 - Added Con. Mod. display for PFS Fame
• Fixed Bug #2571 - Redid description for antipaladin Fiendish Boon
• Fixed Bug #2572 - Fixed Furious Focus / Haste interaction.
• Fixed Bug #2573, #2574 - Fixed some typos
• Fixed Bug #2577 - Fixed Swashbuckler weapon description.
• Fixed Bug #2578 - Fixed Multiattack for ACs, improved attacks for custom AC
• Fixed Bug #2579 - Fixed Ki Mystic Ki Pool size.
• New Feature - Unchained Monk (except Ki Powers and Style Strike descriptions)... read more

Posted by Daniel 2016-11-21

Release delayed

Release delayed probably until this weekend.

Posted by Daniel 2016-11-17

Version 8.154 Announcement and Release Notes

New version is out.
Just bugfixes because of real world time issues.

Good gaming,

Release Notes

• Fixed Bug #2554 - Fixed some dropdowns in Custom Class setup
• Fixed Bug #2556 - Fixed Spellbreaker feat selection.
• Fixed Bug #2557 - Fixed duplicate FCO display
• Fixed Bug #2559 - Fixed spell description formatting for some spells.
• Fixed Bug #2562 - Bane Baldric now increases bane uses per day.
• Fixed Bug #2564 - Increase PFS Prestige dropdown
• Fixed Bug #2565 - Some kits now affect Coniditional Modifiers instead of base skill.
• Fixed Bug #2566 - Custom Rogue archetype can now replace Sneak Attack
• Fixed Bug #2567 - Snakebite Striker sneak attack now counts for prereqs.
• Fixed Bug #2570 - All Classes/Archetypes that gain proficiency with deity's weapon now gain Improved Unarmed Strike if favored weapon is unarmed strike.... read more

Posted by Daniel 2016-11-02

Version 8.153 Announcement and Release Notes

Version 8.153 is available for download. So was 8.512 but I think maybe I forgot to hit save on the blog post.

In 8.152 Harrow Handbook is finished (haven't done the Backgrounds for them, I will if someone asks for it) Next minor source is Advanced Class Origins. Also UC barb rage powers are in.

Just bugfixes for 8.153 - currently working on UC Monk, but nothing to report yet.

Good gaming,

8.152 Release Notes

• Fixed Bug #2525 - Fixed Weird Words description
• Fixed Bug #2526 - Fixed Touch of Serenity prereqs
• Fixed Bug #2528 - Fixed weight multiplier for some containers
• Fixed Bug #2529 - Fixed issued with Flying Blade weapon.
• Fixed Bug #2531 - Fixed RP costs for custom movement traits.
• Fixed Bug #2532 - Fixed Drive by Guilt trait description
• Fixed Bug #2534 - Added missing spell to magus spell list.
• Fixed Bug #2535 - Fixed Flight Hex checkbox display.
• New Feature - Harrow Handbook equipment, Bard Masterpieces
• New Feature - Unchained Barbarian class.... read more

Posted by Daniel 2016-10-20

Release delayed

8.152 will be released Thursday.

Posted by Daniel 2016-10-03

Version 8.151 Announcement and Release Notes

YAPCG users:

YAPCG version 8.151 is available for download.

Unchained Barbarian is almost done. You can create one with this version, but I still need to input the unchained version of the rage powers, so their power list currently only consists of the standard powers that are listed as being able to be used unchanged.

UC Barb should work with the normal archetypes - let me know if you spot anything weird.... read more

Posted by Daniel 2016-09-20

Version 8.150 Announcement and Release Notes

YAPCG users:

Version 8.150 of YAPCG is available for download. https://sourceforge.net/projects/yapcg/

This version contains a bunch of stuff from the Harrow Handbook, including all the specific requests. The remainder should hopefully be done for the next release.

I've also added in the campaign traits from the new Strange Aeons adventure path. There's now a "Choice" column on the Traits page which will be used for traits that require additional choices. ... read more

Posted by Daniel 2016-09-05

Version 8.149 Announcement and Release Notes

YAPCG users:

Version 8.149 of YAPCG is available for download.

The Advanced Class Guide is done! It's been a long time coming - 10 new classes, 100+ archetype, lots of spells, feats and items, new features like Spirits and Exploits, and a bunch of reworking existing features so that other classes can easily get them.
Admittedly, there are a few things I'm not totally happy with, but they're going to be background in the future while I move on to some new books.... read more

Posted by Daniel 2016-08-22

Release delayed

I'm having issues uploading, so release is delayed until I can work out what's going on. :(

Posted by Daniel 2016-08-09

Version 8.148 Announcement and Release Notes

YAPCG users:

Version 8.148 is now available for download.

Multiple animal companions should now be saving and loading properly, for multi-companion archetypes. If there's no major problems, I will be adding this functionality to Eidolons in the next week or two. I don't think it's needed for familiars, but please tell me if there's some archetype I'm unaware of.

The final ACG archetype is up - the Primal Companion Hunter. Unfortunately, adding the evolutions to the animal companion is turning out to be quite complicated so that won't be in yet. I'm not sure when I'll be able to add it, but I'll be working on it in the background.
I've also added in the Gunslinger & Swashbuckler dares. Those classes will be able to select them as their bonus feats.... read more

Posted by Daniel 2016-08-09

Version 8.147a

8.147a is now uploaded, with a couple of fixes.


Posted by Daniel 2016-07-25

Version 8.147 Announcement and Release Notes

YAPCG users:

Version 8.147 is available for download. I've added in the Packmaster archetype for the Hunter.

The big thing of this update is the ability to have multiple animal companions - this is required for the Packmaster Hunter, as well as the Beastmaster Ranger, the Packlord Druid and the Huntmaster Cavalier.
On the Animal Companion sheet, you can turn on multiple companions which will allow you to configure up to 20 companions. When you change which companion you are looking at, the AC sheet will update with all the selections (HP, feats, etc) for that companion. ... read more

Posted by Daniel 2016-07-25

No release this week

No time this week, unfortunately. There will be a release next week.

Apologies for the inconvenience,

Posted by Daniel 2016-07-09

Version 8.146 Announcement and Release Notes

YAPCG users:

First up, Intensified spells can now display the modified damage dice in the spell description (yay!). This has meant going through each spell to see if it qualifies, so please let me know if you spot a spell that isn't being Intensified when it should (or one that is being Intensified when it shouldn't!)

Secondly, the Eldritch Scion archetype from the ACG has been implemented. This archetype changes the Magus from a prepared caster to a spontaneous caster. The sheet should be treating it as such for things like qualifying for spontaneous prestige classes, etc but again, please let me know if it's misbehaving.... read more

Posted by Daniel 2016-06-28

Version 8.145 Announcement and Release Notes

YAPCG users:

Version 8.145 is available for download.

Added Bloodrider archetype from ACG. Added descriptions and calcs for almost all remaining feats (only one to go + gunslinger dares)

Also the usual bugfixes

Have a great fortnight,

Release Notes

• Fixed Bug #2452 - Fixed issue with Horse Lord companion.
• Fixed Bug #2453 - Fixed Demoniac spellcasting
• Fixed Bug #2454 - Fixed CMD issues with Tetori monk.
• Fixed Bug #2455 - Fixed calcs for Improved Balance.
• Fixed Bug #2457 - Fixed issue with Arcane School dropdown.
• Fixed Bug #2459 - Fixed Nature Bond dropdown for Blight Druid
• New Feature - ACG archetypes: Bloodrider

Posted by Daniel 2016-06-15

Version 8.144 Announcement and Release Notes

YAPCG users:

Version 8.144 of YAPCG is available for download.

I've added in the changes from the recent Ultimate Equipment Errata. Commiserations to anyone who was planning to buy a mithral waffle iron. :(

Some summoner ACG archetypes in this release: the Naturalist and the Spirit Summoner.
Also added the Armor special properties and filled in some more feats (almost all done)

Good gaming,

Release Notes

• Fixed Bug #2441 - Improved Shadowdancer Class Option section
• Fixed Bug #2442 - Added changes from Ultimate Equipment errata.
• Fixed Bug #2443 - Added War Beast description for Mad Dog archetype.
• Fixed Bug #2444 - Spelling errors in Ki Pool description
• Fixed Bug #2445 - Improved Entangle spell description
• Fixed Bug #2446 - Improved Reach evolution description and selection
• Fixed Bug #2447 - Added more prepared slots for Magus spells.
• Fixed Bug #2448 - Fixed prerequisites for Signature Deed feat.
• Fixed Bug #2449 - Fixed Power Attack on natural attacks.
• New Feature - ACG archetypes: Naturalist, Spirit Summoner

Posted by Daniel 2016-05-31

Version 8.143 Announcement and Release Notes

YAPCG users:

Version 8.143 is available for download.

This version has a slightly reworked backend for natural attacks. I've added in a bunch of special attack options for natural attacks gained through various class and race features. They count as their basic natural attack for weapon feats - for example Beast Totem Claws will be affected by Weapon Focus (Claw), Improved Natural Attack (Claw) etc.... read more

Posted by Daniel 2016-05-17

Version 8.142 Announcement and Release Notes

YAPCG users:

Versions 8.142 is available for download

Real life was taking up time, so just some bugfixes for this release

Good gaming,

Release Notes

• Fixed Bug #2416 - Fixed custom mystery skills
• Fixed Bug #2417 - Ring of Wizardry effects now included.
• Fixed Bug #2418 - Fixed some Hellknight issues
• Fixed Bug #2419 - Fixed Eldritch Heritage bloodline dropdown
• Fixed Bug #2420 - Fixed Dragon Style description
• Fixed Bug #2424 - Fixed Channel revelation display
• Fixed Bug #2425 - Brass Knuckles no longer use monk damage
• Fixed Bug #2426 - Fixed Caging Bomb Admixture spell description
• Fixed Bug #2427 - Fixed Undead-bane weapon description
• Fixed Bug #2428 - Fixed Shadowdancer rogue talents
• Fixed Bug #2430 - Fixed Fast Healer feat description.
• Fixed Bug #2431 - Fixed Mutagenic Mauler bonus

Posted by Daniel 2016-05-08

Release late

Hey all

This fortnight's release will be a few days late.


Posted by Daniel 2016-05-01

Version 8.141 Announcement and Release Notes

YAPCG users:

YAPCG 8.141 is available for download.

New Features in this one:
There is now a 6th Back Page, for characters with an abundance of abilities.
The Custom Data page now has a place to add a custom oracular mystery.
You can now add an adjustment to your Familiar level.
Added ACG archetypes: Visionary, Daring Infiltrator and the Flying Blade

Good gaming,

Posted by Daniel 2016-04-18

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