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LiveTranslate, More Pojo Support in XUI 3.2

8th Feb. 2008

**Enhanced POJO/Hibernate/Spring support**

POJO support was added in XUI 3.0 and is further enhanced by XUI 3.2. The POJO support makes it possible to bind POJOs from frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate or JPA and use them as any other model node, binding to UI components such as labels, edits, tables, and trees. POJO support doesn't stop with third party support and you can build your own POJOs or add support for Java's arrays and collections. The POJO support adds a great deal of flexibility to XUI and opens up lots of scope for enterprise applications.... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2008-02-08

XUI 3.1 coming soon

The XUI site has been a little quiet since JavaOne, but we are slowly
catching up on our backlog of work, and we have some exciting news!

XUI 3.1 is on the way. The 3.1 release is mostly a maintenance release
with minor changes, some of which are required to fix problems with the
tutorials and other applications developed with XUI 2.x.

However, the major news here is that the source code for Carousel will
be placed under the same SVN repository as XUI. Carousel will be
released under a dual GPL and commercial license, so for developers it
will be free to try but for commercial deployments it will still require
a full license.... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2007-07-20

Visit us at JavaOne

We are delighted to announce that we will have a stand at JavaOne 2007 at the Moscone Center, San Francisco this May.

Come visit us and see the very latest on XUI and Carousel, plus lots of goodies for components, vector graphics, data binding and localization. We'll also be showing a range of desktop applications built upon XUI.

Further information on JavaOne can be found at: http://java.sun.com/javaone/sf/

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2007-04-04

Version 3.0 Beta 2 Released

Version 3.0 is almost ready and beta 2 is now available! Version 3.0 Beta 2 comprises a few releases:

XUI 3.0

This release is only very slightly changed from Beta 1, and most users will not see any difference. The release will also with any luck be the last beat before the final release of XUI 3.0, so SHOUT if you see anything wrong, missing or out of place. Our focus now moves to updating the documentation and samples for the full release.... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2007-03-05

Juice: Snapshot 2

XUI 3.0 (a.k.a. Juice) Development Snapshot 2, has been released on SourceForge. Snapshot 2 brings implementation of most of the major features for XUI 3.0 and the focus will now shift towards completion of the NetBeans and Eclipse plug-ins.

The changes thus far include:



1 Added support for multiple page loaders
2 Modified the build and the XContentHolder interface
3 Replaced Flexdoc with a new docking framework
4 Added an HTML Builder
5 Toolbar support added
6 New splash screen functionality
7 Component resgistration extended
8 Extended localization support
9 Added support for multiple projects
10 Added input validation feedback
11 System colors support added
12 Extended style support added
13 Validation triggered on page transition
14 An exception handler has been added to the attribute evaluator
15 SWT support enhanced
16 Made the home page optional
17 Annotation support added
18 Extended the shutdown hook and application lifecycle listeners
19 A LayerLayout has been added
20 A ColumnLayout has been added
21 Repeat syntax support extended
22 Component customization support added
23 XPainter replaced with SwingX Painter
24 POJO support added
25 Data bindings refactored
26 Event handling refactored
27 Validations refactored
28 Action handling added... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2006-11-11

RS3 Launched

RS3, a XUI based application for the selection of refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors, has been launched by Danfoss A/S (http://www.danfoss.com) at IKK, the industry trade fair, in Nuremburg, Germany. RS3 includes many advanced features and showcases XUI's capabilities including animation and vector graphics.

More information on RS3 can be found at http://www.xoetrope.com/zone/screenshots/article.php?section=&article=RS3&zone=XUI. The application can also be webstarted, but as it includes lots of detailed drawing and data the initial download is quite large, therefore, a video of the application, showing all the major features is also available.... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2006-11-01

Juice: The First Pressing

The first development snapshot of XUI Release 3.0 (codename: Juice) has been released. The first snapshot includes many new features, enhancements and new samples. See http://xui.sourceforge.net/wikka/wikka.php?wakka=XUI3 for more details.

Coinciding with this first snapshot, Carousel's Swing components have been released under a GPL license. Eventually, the complete Carousel suite will be released in this way, making it easier for developers to get started with Carousel -and of course the option of purchasing a full commercial license is still available.

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2006-08-02

XUI WikkaWiki Launched

A Wiki for XUI has been added at http://xui.sourceforge.net/wikka. It is intended that this wiki will be a companion to these forums, acting as a place where queries can be answered in a more user friendly and long lasting way. It was felt that the forums were not easily searchable and many of the same questions have repeated. The forums also contain alot of useful information and coordinating this information we hope will be very helpful for both novices and experienced XUI users. ... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2006-07-20

XUI 2.0.7 Released

XUI 2.0.7 has been released.

XUI is a platform for building Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Version 2.0.7 features many enhancement, tweaks and fixes, a full list of which is appended.

Kalideoscope the open source editor for XUI has also been updated and released alongside XUI 2.0.7. While Kalideoscope is released for NetBeans 5.0 a beta Eclipse version is in the works and is also available for download from SourceForge.... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2006-06-17

XUI 2.0.7 Beta 2

The second and probably the final beta of XUI 2.0.7 has been relased. Accompanying the beat is an undate of the Kalideoscope plug-in for the NetBeans IDE.

The updated files can be downloaded from: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=76693

We expect the final release of version 2.0.7 will be made in 2-3 weeks.

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2006-05-25

Add an 'about' dialog to your XUI application

Use XML to declare the about page, styling and to bind to the data which describes your application and company. The article which describes how to do this can be found at http://www.xoetrope.com/zone/goodies/article.php?section=0&zone=XUI&article=aboutdialog&articleid=109

You can also choose from a series of powered by logos which can be found at http://www.xoetrope.com/zone/powered/index.php?zone=XUI

Posted by Val Cassidy 2005-11-03

XUI 2.0 and KalIDEoscope 2.0 released

5th October 2005
Both XUI 2.0 and KalIDEoscope, the NetBeans 4.x plug-in for editing XUI projects have been released. This latest release further enhances the XUI platform, a leading rich-client development framework.

XUI 2.0 Release Notes

1 Introduction
2 Backward compatibility
3 Download and installation
4 Downloading and installing Kalideoscope
5 Why is XuiALL.jar so much smaller?
6 Documentation
7 Major changes
8 Reporting problems and getting assistance... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-10-05

Kalideoscope release candidate

kalIDEoscope the latest (renamed from XuiEditor) version of the NetBeans plug-in editor module has been released to coincide with the release candidate version of XUI 2.0.

Anyone who installed the XuiEditor previously should first uninstall the earlier version before installing Kalideoscope.

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-09-23

XUI 2.0 Release Candidate

XUI 2.0 Release Candidate now available on SourceForge.

XUI 2.0 is almost complete, with the full release due in just a few weeks and we do not expect much to change. The latest release features builds for JDKs 1.1.8, 1.4 and 1.5 in both debug and release builds. The debug build has full diagnostic/logging and compiler debug information switch on whereas the release build suppresses most logging and excludes compiler debug information for a smaller Jar size.... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-09-21

XuiEditor nightly build available

There is a nightly build of the XuiEditor available on http://xui.sourceforge.net/XuiEditor/2.0_02/XuiEditor.nbm This addresses many problems which were found in the beta 2 release. We would encourage whatever feedback you have in relation to this release so that we can catch problems as early as possible.

Posted by Val Cassidy 2005-07-13

XUI 1.0.4 file reloaded

The XUI 1.0.4 files were renamed and reloaded today due to a problem with SourceForge whereby the files could not be distinguished from the XUI 2.0 Beta 2 file on download.

The files themselves are unchanged. Please check the downloaded filesize against what is listed on the SourceForge download files page.

We hope this has not inconvenienced too many people!

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-07-06

XUI 2.0 Beta 2 released

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-07-05

XUI at JavaOne 2005

Hans Muller, CTO for Sun's Desktop Division is due to give a presentation at next week's JavaOne conference title: Defining JFC/Swing GUIs Declaratively: A Survey (TS-7122). As part of his talk we are delighted to hear that Hans will mention XUI.

"The idea that one could define the appearance and behavior of a GUI declaratively has been around nearly as long as GUIs themselves. The earliest Mac and PC GUI frameworks supported configurable resources that were interpreted at runtime by desktop applications to create the GUI. X11 applications for UNIX platform workstations often included GUIs defined with simple markup languages like UIML. Today a large part of the World Wide Web is defined declaratively with HTML and CSS and even the GUI for the popular Firefox browser is defined by a markup language XUL. Java Foundation Classes (JFC/Swing) technology-based application developers have not been quick to embrace declarative approaches for defining their GUIs. Although there have been some fledgling efforts to create JFC/Swing technology markup languages over the years, its only recently the idea seems to have really taken hold. ... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-06-24

Carousel Early Access available

We are pleased to announce that an early access version of Carousel is now available for download at http://www.xoetrope.com/products/carouseldownload.php

This early access version contains a limited feature set. We plan to make further early access versions available over the next few weeks that will make further features available. While not available yet, the Carousel NetBeans plug-in module will also be release as part of this early access program.... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-06-24

Vote for XUI

The Java Developers Journal is running its reader's choice awards again and contains a section on rich client platforms. We've nominated XUI, but are a bit late to the game so we could use your vote.

Please cast your vote for XUI under the Rich Client Platform section at


It's section 24 or 25... a bit tedious but we could do with the votes.



Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-06-17

Updated XUI Tutorials

The introductory tutorial has been updated to reflect some of the features of XUI 2.0 and a new advanced tutorial is now available for download under Samples & Documentation which includes code for 'component registration' and 'library functions'. The advanced tutorial will be expanded to cover more features so if you have a particular area of interest or if you think that an area deserves more attention then please let us know.

Posted by Val Cassidy 2005-06-10

Download problems

It has just come to our attention that the XuiEditor.nbm file in the latest release (NetBeans 4.1 early access 2) was corrupt.

We would like to apologize for this problem and hope it has not inconvenienced anyone too much. We have encountered this problem whereby a file becomes corrupted after upload to the sourceforge network. As the SF network is beyond our control we have no way of tracking down and resolving the issue other than re-uploading the file. Should this happen again please do not hesitate to inform us.... read more

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-06-03

XUI 2.0 Early Access

The first release of XUI 2.0 is underway. We have uploaded the Jar files, source code, docs and the NetBeans project. The XuiEditor will follow shortly.

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-05-25

XUI 2 User Guide draft

A draft of the Carousel/XUI 2 user guide is now available in the XUI Zone at http://xoetrope.net/xui/.

Get the latest documentation on Carousel. Much of this documentation applies to XUI and the XuiEditor just as well as Carousel. The documentation covers use of the NetBeans plug-in, and the general concepts behind working with XUI. The manual also includes numerous examples and a few case studies. This is draft documentation subject to change and revision. (~2.55MB)

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-05-20

Introducing Library Functions

New library support in XUI 2.0 allows further separation of UI and business logic. Attributes and events no longer need to be implemented in classes derived from XPage. The new support even opens up the possibility of embedding support for scripting engines.

see: http://xoetrope.net/xui/Xui2Preview/libraryfunctions.php

Posted by Luan O'Carroll 2005-05-19