New Function and Changes in Behavior

Tested OS

AIX: and ( 71L and 71L sp1) and AIX

LInux: Rhel5,6 SLES 10,11

Restrictions and Known Problems

  • NFS based statelite cannot configure bond0 in confighfi postscript. 3939

Key Bug fixes

  • rinstall did not support provmethod=osimagename. This support has been added. 3644
  • rnetboot hang, P5 AIX 6.1 3533
  • litefile error with mkdsklsnode -r 3183
  • confighfi postscript errors for hfi bonding 3179
  • mkhwconn -s fails for Firebird from Redhat MN 3583
  • lsslp unicast on Power Linux 3947

Restrictions and Known Problems

  • lsslp unicast doesn't support AIX.


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Wiki: Release_Notes
Wiki: XCAT_OS_And_Hardware_Support_Matrix

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