The following table is a summary of the Operating System versions and Hardware specifically tested by the xCAT development team and the version of xCAT that they were first made available. Other operating systems and hardware may work with xCAT but have not been explicitly tested by this team. Also, some key new functions are listed for each release. For a complete list of new functions, bug fixes, restrictions, and known problems, refer to the individual release notes.

xCAT 2.8 Tested Operating Systems and Hardware Support

xCAT Version New OS Support New Hardware Support Release Notes Some key new functions
xCAT 2.8.4 May 23, 2014 RHEL 6.5 RHEL 5.10 [XCAT_2.8.4_Release_Notes] RHEL 7 experimental, support xCAT cluster zones, various command enhancements
xCAT 2.8.3 Nov 15, 2013 AIX AIX AIX 7.1.2 Xeon Phi (phase2) NeXtScale nx360 M4 [XCAT_2.8.3_Release_Notes] xcatd flow control, sysclone x86_64 image provisioning on most OS's, genitird command and nodeset updates,deploy OpenStack on ubuntu,various command enhancements,confignics enhancements,sequential discovery enhancements,kit enhancements
xCAT 2.8.2 Jun 26, 2013 SLES 11 SP3 Xeon Phi (limited) [XCAT_2.8.2_Release_Notes] sysclone x86_64 image provisioning on RHEL and CentOS, precreate postscripts for AIX, kit enhancements, HPC kits for ppc64, ubuntu enhancements, xdsh and updatenode enhancements,sequential discovery enhancements,use of local disk for stateless,Deploy OpenStack cloud
xCAT 2.8.1 May 10, 2013 RHEL 6.4 RHEL 5.9 [XCAT_2.8.1_Release_Notes] added AIX and RHEL5 for xCAT 2.8, energy management for Flex,sequential discovery,xCAT Software Kits,Stateful images for MN,osimage enhancements,IPv6 enhancements,ubuntu enhancements,*def enhancements,xdsh and xdcp and updatenode enhancements
xCAT 2.8 Feb 28, 2013 ubuntu 12.04 Windows Server 2012 Windows 8 Hyper-V [XCAT_2.8_Release_Notes] Based on xCAT 2.7.5, Linux RHEL6 and SLES only, no AIX or RHEL5,Preliminary xCAT Software Kits,multiple hostname domains,x Flex IMM setup,Windows support enhancements,KVM enhancements,z/VM enhancements,virtualization with RHEV,statelite local scratch disk,MN as a managed node,site auditskipcmds,precreate postscripts for Linux,mypostscript templates,pasu command,run postscripts on stateful boot,node update status attrs,updatenode enhancements, deprecate nodeset provmethods and use osimage instead,deprecate bind and use ddns instead

xCAT 2.7 Tested Operating Systems and Hardware Support

xCAT Version New OS Support New Hardware Support Release Notes Some key new functions
xCAT 2.7.8 Jan 24, 2014 AIX AIX AIX [XCAT_2.7.8_Release_Notes]
xCAT 2.7.7 May 17, 2013 RHEL 6.4 [XCAT_2.7.7_Release_Notes] sinv for devices,Flex energy mgt and rbeacon
xCAT 2.7.6 Nov 30, 2012 SLES 10 SP4 AIX 6.1.8 AIX 7.1.2 [XCAT_2.7.6_Release_Notes] HPC Integration updates
xCAT 2.7.5 Oct 29, 2012 RHEL 6.3 [XCAT_2.7.5_Release_Notes] virtualization with RHEV,hardware discovery for x Flex,enhanced AIX HASN
xCAT 2.7.4 Aug 27, 2012 SLES 11 SP2 system x Flex [XCAT_2.7.4_Release_Notes] improved IPMI for large systems
xCAT 2.7.3 Jun 22, 2012 SLES 11 SP2 (limited) system x Flex (RHEL 6.2) [XCAT_2.7.3_Release_Notes] HPC Integration updates
xCAT 2.7.2 May 25, 2012 AIX p775, system p Flex [XCAT_2.7.2_Release_Notes] SLES 11 kdump,HPC Integration updates
xCAT 2.7.1 Apr 20, 2012 [XCAT_2.7.1_Release_Notes] bug fixes and minor enhancements
xCAT 2.7 Mar 19, 2012 RHEL 6.2 'M4' generation hardware Mellanox IB QDR [XCAT_2.7_Release_Notes] xcatd memory usage reduced by two-thirds,xcatdebug command for xcatd and plugins,lstree command,x86_64 genesis boot image,ipmi throttles,rpower suspend select IBM hw,stateful ESXi5,xnba UEFI boot,httpd for postscripts,rolling updates,Nagios monitoring plugin


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