xCAT Dependencies (Required)

The dependencies tarball provides many open
source packages that xCAT uses. It is required.

xCAT Add-ons (Optional)

These add-ons provide additional capabilities
in xCAT.

xCAT 2.10 is now released! To run xCAT, you need both the xCAT package and the dependencies package.

For changes in each release, see the [Release_Notes].

Note: starting from xCAT 2.10, you could build the xcat-core tarball from xcat-core git code repository on your own machine, see building xcat-core from xcat-core git repository for more details

Latest Released (Stable) xCAT

This is the latest version of xCAT that has been tested thoroughly.

Linux - RPM Packages

Linux - Deb Packages (Ubuntu)


Latest Snapshot Build

This includes the latest bug fixes, but is not completely tested.

Linux - RPM Packages

Linux - Deb Packages (Ubuntu)


Development Builds

Snap shot builds of the new version we are actively developing. This version has not been released yet. Use at your own risk.

Linux - RPM Packages

Linux - Deb Packages (Ubuntu)


Older Releases

To download any release of xCAT, go to the File Manager and navigate to the desired directory.


Wiki: Install_xCAT_on_the_Management_Node
Wiki: Main_Page
Wiki: Release_Notes
Wiki: Setting_Up_a_Linux_Hierarchical_Cluster
Wiki: Setting_Up_a_Linux_xCAT_Mgmt_Node
Wiki: Setting_up_ESSL_and_PESSL_in_a_Stateful_Cluster
Wiki: Setting_up_ESSL_and_PESSL_in_a_Statelite_or_Stateless_Cluster
Wiki: Setting_up_GPFS_in_a_Stateful_Cluster
Wiki: Setting_up_GPFS_in_a_Statelite_or_Stateless_Cluster
Wiki: Setting_up_LoadLeveler_in_a_Stateful_Cluster
Wiki: Setting_up_LoadLeveler_in_a_Statelite_or_Stateless_Cluster
Wiki: Setting_up_PE_in_a_Stateful_Cluster
Wiki: Setting_up_PE_in_a_Statelite_or_Stateless_Cluster
Wiki: Setting_up_RSCT_in_a_Stateful_Cluster
Wiki: Setting_up_RSCT_in_a_Statelite_or_Stateless_Cluster
Wiki: Ubuntu_Quick_Start
Wiki: XCAT_2.6.10_Release_Notes
Wiki: XCAT_2.6.11_Release_Notes
Wiki: XCAT_2.6.6_Release_Notes
Wiki: XCAT_2.6.8_Release_Notes
Wiki: XCAT_2.6.9_Release_Notes
Wiki: XCAT_2.6_Release_Notes
Wiki: XCAT_2.7.1_Release_Notes
Wiki: XCAT_2.7.2_Release_Notes
Wiki: XCAT_2.7_Release_Notes
Wiki: XCAT_Developer_Guide
Wiki: XCAT_zVM_Setup

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