#67 multi-extract only extracts first archive (command line)

v1.0 (example)


Multi-extract does not behave as I'd expect it.

I have two archives in my directory.

Using the following command:

xarchiver -m * -x .

I'd expect both archives to be extracted. Only the first is.

xarchiver -m file1.zip file2.zip -x .
only extracts file1.zip

xarchiver -m file2.zip file1.zip -x .
only extracts file2.zip

This might be the reason why in thunar, when I select several archives and click on "Extract files" in the contextual menu, only the first is extracted.


  • Jérôme Lafréchoux

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  • Giuseppe Torelli

    Hi Jérôme, thanks for your bug report. Currently Xarchiver is being totally rewritten. I see you are a programmer. Can you help me to complete it?

  • Jérôme Lafréchoux


    I appreciate your offer.

    Honestly, the only reasonable answer to that proposal is "I'd like to but I won't have the time for that".

    Yet, out of curiosity, I checked out and successfully compiled

    svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/xarchiver/code/trunk xarchiver-code

    This is the latest code, right ?

    In which state is it, now ?

    Does it contain regressions as compared to the latest version before the rewrite ? About when do you expect to get something that could be released as a replacement to the old version ?

  • Giuseppe Torelli

    Yes, it's the latest. As far as I know there are no regressions, only incomplete features. Zip only is supported: opening, test and extracting. Extraction of folder in the archive without their parent folder is in progress.

    I don't think to release it by the end of the year unfortunately, I don't have time too :(

  • Jérôme Lafréchoux

    I thought since you're rewriting, there may be features that would be temporarily removed and waiting for a rewrite.

    Not sute what you mean by zip only, but if only zip files are supported, that is a regression.

    With latest from trunk,

    xarchiver -m file2.zip file1.zip -x .

    opens the GUI, which is different from old behaviour. I see this as a regression, somehow.


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