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Xarchiver 0.5.0.beta1 released

After two years of development I'm finally able to release the first beta of the new release 0.5.0. Due to the number of features introduced there are also some nasty bugs to be fixed. Please report them at http://bugzilla.xfce.org. If you don't want to subscribe there please send me the detailed bug description along with the backtrace to my email address.

Posted by Giuseppe Torelli 2008-08-26

Xarchiver 0.4.6 released

Just a fix to have the program icons loaded.

Posted by Giuseppe Torelli 2006-11-27

Xarchiver 0.4.4 released

Plenty of new features, many bug fixes. Please see the changelog for a full review.

Posted by Giuseppe Torelli 2006-11-23

Xarchiver 0.4 FINALLY released

Plenty of new features and bug fixes, please refer to the Changelog on the web site.

Posted by Giuseppe Torelli 2006-09-01

Xarchiver released

Please keep in mind this a beta to test, use http://bugzilla.xfce.org to file bug reports. Thank you.

Posted by Giuseppe Torelli 2006-07-10

Please don't use the sf bug tracker

Xarchiver web site moved to xfce: They have the bugzilla system located at http://bugzilla.xfce.org, please use it to submit bugs, or if you don't want to subscribe drop me an email with a detailed description of the problem (and the gdb backtrace if available) at colossus73@gmail.com

Thank you,
Giuseppe Torelli

Posted by Giuseppe Torelli 2006-06-22

Xarchiver 0.3.3 released, bug fix version

- Fixed a bug when opening .tar.bz2 and .tar.gz archives. Sorry for this.

Posted by Giuseppe Torelli 2006-05-04

Xarchiver 0.3.2 released, bug fix version

A new bug fix release to fix two weird bugs. Please see the changelog.

Posted by Giuseppe Torelli 2006-04-28

Xarchiver 0.3.1 released, bug fix version

- Some code cleanup.
- Fixed bug in detecting arj password protected archives.
- Fixed a memory leak with the string who contains the extract_path.
- Fixed detection of bzip2 causing Xarchiver to recognize only 900k block size compressed files.
- Fixed a regression causing bzip2 and gunzip to remain as zombie processes.
- Fixed bug causing Xarchiver to emit a seg fault when the X button is pressed while it is working.
- Fixed a regression causing Xarchiver not supporting creation of tar.bz2 and tar.gz archives.

Posted by Giuseppe Torelli 2006-01-09

Xarchiver 0.3 released !!

New features such as 7z and arj support, download it and report your feedback !

Posted by Giuseppe Torelli 2005-12-20