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Programming with wxDev-C++ / News: Recent posts

New Spanish Release

Thanks to Jaime's hard work we have been able to release a new version of the book in Spanish. This release contains the first two chapters.

Posted by Sof.T 2007-10-18

Small update

Thanks to Fabian Wey there is a small update to the current release and a small addition to the about box for the sample application.

The current release is 0.7.1 and if you have updated to the new devpak server it is available from the official devpak server.


Posted by Sof.T 2007-10-16

New release

Just a quick announcement that the latest release of the book is now available in PDF and DevPak. CHM will follow soon. Also Jaime's Spanish translation of the first two chapters will soon be available.

Chapter 10 is now finished and chapter 11 has been expanded.

If you have been following the example application there have been a few small changes to the instruction in chapter 9. These all relate to the keyboard shortcuts some of which were missing. It is ok to ignore these if you wish it wont mess anything up. ... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2007-10-16

Thank you for the review

Someone posted a review of this book here I just want to say thank you for your encouraging comments.


Posted by Sof.T 2007-08-28

CHM release

The CHM format of the book has been released and is available now from the download site.

Posted by Sof.T 2007-06-26

Viva Chile

I am pleased to announce the first release of the Spanish translation of the book 'Programando con wxDev-C++'. Thanks to the hard work by Jaime Gutierrez we have gone international. This release contains the book upto the end of chapter 1.

Posted by Sof.T 2007-06-26

New book release

Finally I am glad to announce a new release of the book. Chapter 9 has now been completed. This chapter contains the following features:

1. A review of all the components available in the GUI builder covering their properties. A picture of each control is included to allow you to see what each control looks like.

2. The continuation of the HTML editor project. We complete the design of the interface.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2007-06-25

New DevPak and Translator

Sorry for the delay, I had halted work until wxDev-C++ 6.10.2 was released as this made some major alterations to the sections I was working on. To celebrate the return to work I have released a new DevPak containing wxVillaLib. This library contains many handy widgets.

I would like to welcome Jaime Gutierrez who has started to difficult task of translating the book into Spanish. His work is will be much appreciated.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2007-05-15

New Devpaks

I have uploaded 2 new devpaks one is the property grid component, the other is an autocomplete combobox written by Gururamnath. Both come with sample programs.

Posted by Sof.T 2007-01-14

Small update of source code

There has been a small update of the source code package. This fixes the problem with the example in Chapter 7 with the HTML editor sample. There are also a couple of sample programs that are part of the source code for the forthcoming chapter 9 samples.

Chapter 9 is progressing well if a little slowly due to the sheer amount of material being covered.


Posted by Sof.T 2007-01-10

Release 0.5.2 is available

Alpha version 0.5.2 of the book has just been released. As with the last release this is available in both PDF and CHM versions. Full source code has also been released.

Changes in this version include

Chapter 8 has been completed.
Chapter 9 is a quarter completed.
The chapter order has now been rearranged chapters 10 and 11 have been combined into one chapter.
Starting in Chapter 8 there is a new project which will be built over the 4 chapters 8-11.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2006-12-30

New Bonus section

Today marks the launch of the Bonus download section. This section corresponds to the contents of the CD would accompany a traditional paperback copy of a programming book.

The contents launched today are:

A devpak containing the Tango Desktop Project icons. These are provided since they make it easier for programmers to provide a consistent user interface. Other icon sets may be made available later. The Tango icon set is provided under the creative commons licence, make sure you read and understand it before using these icons and remember to give the authors full credit.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2006-12-27

wxDev-C++ Bug fix release

Version 6.10.1 of wxDev-C++ has just been released for download. This version fixs many bug found in the last release and includes the new version of wxWidgets 2.8. Grab it now.


Posted by Sof.T 2006-12-17

Exciting Times

Firstly I would like to congratulate the developers of wxDev-C++ for their efforts on getting version 6.10 out of the door. The list of enhancements is extremely impressive and they deserve many thanks for their efforts.

Their release coincides with the latest release of this book. The first chapter has been rewritten to take into account some of the changes that this release brings. Chapter 3 has also been released as well as the start of chapter 4, as a result the version number has been increased.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2006-11-02

Downloads pass 300 mark

Today the downloads of the latest version of the book crossed the 300 mark. This is a new best and I thank you for the interest shown. There is a new mailing list for reporting errors with the book this is . The is also a new mailing list for requesting features this is found at


Posted by Sof.T 2006-10-10

New Book Format

Starting with the next release the book will be made available in CHM format as well as the PDF. This will make it easier for users to integrate with wxDev-C++.

Posted by Sof.T 2006-10-01

Latest release update

The latest release of the book has entered proofreading status. Thanks as ever to Peter James. The release will be made in approximately 2 to 3 weeks time.

Highlights to look forward to are:

The completed chapter 3 on C Programming is completed, along with source code.

The section wxDev-C++ FAQs is greatly expanded to deal with issues that have arisen in the forums lately.

That's all for now next.


Posted by Sof.T 2006-09-11

New website update

We are pleased to add Malcolm Nealon's interview to the website. Many thanks to him for taking the time to respond.

The forum has been removed at present due to the fact that it is hosted on the sourceforge site. sourceforge do not permit the sending of emails and this is required to complete the registration process. Hopefully this can be resolved at a later date. If so it will reappear.

That's it for now time to return to writing.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2006-09-04

Website update

The project website has been updated with the following features.

The first of the source code examples has been uploaded with a detailed line by line break down.

The forum has been added this is only a basic forum which will be redesigned as and when time allows. Hopefully this will allow reporting of problems with the book and code examples to be reported with more ease. There is also a forum available to request new features. Other forums can be added on request.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2006-08-31

New release

After a short delay we are pleased to announce a new release. This release continues the material in chapter 3 which is three quarters complete. Peter James' proof reading additions and corrections up to the middle of chapter 3 have been incorporated. A start has been made on chapter 4 with the first section complete.

There has been a new release of source code examples to accompany the book. Work has started to get these examples online with a more detailed line by line analysis of the code.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2006-08-28

Website update

The project website has been updated with an interview with Guru explaining why he undertook the wxDev-C++ project. It joins with the interviews with the other developers. I hope you find them interesting.


Posted by Sof.T 2006-08-16

Last release for a week

This release will be the last for a week to give everyone a chance to catch up. If you haven't downloaded the last release you will probably want to download this one.


This release sees the start of a new chapter devoted to making programs that look professional. It also reworks some of chapter 7 to introduce the material in the new chapter.

Furthermore this release sees the results of much hard work on the part of Peter James who is working his way through the text proofreading. I can testify that his attention to detail has resulted in numerous improvements, at least one in each paragraph. As a result the text is much clearer to read in several places.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2006-07-30

New Release

This release has deviated from my planned road map. Originally I intended to write this book from start to finish. Then halfway through chapter 3 I thought about the other users, the ones who will download this book expecting to learn how to use the form designer.

The result is that I jumped ahead and added chapter 7 aimed at first time users of the form designer. I tried to create a slightly different application as an example, that has some practical use.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2006-07-28

New Project Member

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Peter James to the project. He has volunteered to proof read the book and suggest improvement and changes.

His suggestions so far have been extremely helpful and his input will without doubt raise the standard of this book

Posted by Sof.T 2006-07-28

Replacement file for the last release

Thanks to Gururamnath for reporting the the last book release was in fact corrupt. Somewhere in the depths of file transfer land the gremlins got it. A replacement has been uploaded, sorry to everyone who recieved a broken copy. Checks will be made in future that uploaded copies are valid before the release is announced.


Posted by Sof.T 2006-07-27