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New, 2.0.0 version of UnitTestsGen released

About from many minor bug fixes and small improvemetns you can find new excellent feature. Now you can use this tool as ANT task. So you can easy update all your test classes during each build process.
Next nice feature: new generated test methods contains now code which generates JUnit warnings so you can easy find all new test methods not yet covered by real test code.
More info you can find on project site: http://wttools.sourceforge.net/ and files are stored at address: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=31579

Posted by Artur Hefczyc 2002-02-03

Version 1.0.0 of 'remotecons' library released

I just released first version of remote console library for java applications. For more details look in release notes http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=71582

More info and files are available on project pages:

Posted by Artur Hefczyc 2002-01-23

1.0.0-final of unittestsgen just released

I just released first final and full version of Unit Tests Generator.

I hope all bugs are fixed and all classes has java-doc comments.

More info and files are available at project pages:

Posted by Artur Hefczyc 2002-01-08

unittestsgen-1.0.0-rc2 released

This second candidate for release 1.0.0 of unit tests generator.

Unittestsgen is tool for generating framework of unit tests classes for java language and junit package. It also contains simple test code generator and test code hints generator which help in migrating to junit testing of your code.

There are some bug fixes in this version and added support for methods throwing exceptions.

For details see changelog.... read more

Posted by Artur Hefczyc 2001-12-30

jprotocols 0.9.1 released

New version of jprotocols released. Changes from version 0.9.0 are very small but important. Some bug fixes were done in URI managment.
At the moment it contains built in support for HTTP and FTP protocols. It works well on both JDK-1.1 and newest available JDK.

Last versions are available at:

Artur Hefczyc

Posted by Artur Hefczyc 2001-12-21

UnitTestsGen 1.0.0-rc1 Released

Unit Tests Generator is tools for introducing unit
tests in development. At the moment it support Java
language and JUnit package.
I did many tests for this version so I can call it
as realy useful and working release.
Some new features were added and a lot of bugfixes
were done.
Feature of this release:
1. Create framework of test classes for java.
2. Update code in test classes after changes were done in source files.
3. Added some more hints for code in test classes and some sample test code.
4. In this version is possible to save all test classes in any given destination directory.
5. This release can also create name of test classes according to given naming pattern.... read more

Posted by Artur Hefczyc 2001-12-21

Unit Tests Generator ver. 0.7.0 Released

New version of Unit Tests Generator has been released.
Package generates unit test files for given sources. At the moment it support Java language and JUnit. This release contains new excelent feature for updating existing test code according to changes made in original source classes.

Posted by Artur Hefczyc 2001-12-18

Released first version of Unit Tests Generator

The first usable version of unittestsgen.jar is now available. You can downalod it under address: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=31579

To learn more about this package please read the following text:

WHY Unit Tests Generator?

Lets assume you started developing your application some weeks ago or some months ago or even some years ago. I am sure that testing your code was one of major problems. You thought about automating such process. And than you heard about Unit Testing. So you would like to start use it. However how to introduce Unit Testing for large number of source files. There is too much of stupid code to write in all places again.... read more

Posted by Artur Hefczyc 2001-12-08

New subproject started: Unit Tests Generator

I just started new subproject:
Unit Tests Generator.
What for?
It seems that unit testing is very important part of software development.
But what if we started creating code several weeks ago and didn't any unit test framework?
Now we want do unit testing but we have a lot of code, a lot of files, classes and so on.
Apart from creating usefull code for testing there is a lot of stupid code we must write to make some framework.... read more

Posted by Artur Hefczyc 2001-12-03

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